PS4 Success Resounds in Australia; PS Plus Loophole Found by User, Triple A Titles Coming

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A PS4 user has found out a really cool trick that let him claim a free 14-day PS Plus trial subscription for free---but happened to extend it so he can actually repeat the offer. Currently, the said PS4 owner will now have access to the PS Plus until 2035 just with the repeated 14-day trial free trial.

VG 24/7 got the exclusive on the report and was contacted by the user himself. According to the report, the offer was obtained via an Outlast 14-day trial banner. The PS Plus loop was available for those who were just applying for the PS Plus for this first time and cannot be used by those who already have a subscription.

*The Xbox One seems to be adjusting to the needs of "Titanfall," as a software update patch is coming to tweak some things in the Xbox One controller in time for its debut on March 11: Read the details here.

The free trial was allowed to be extended upon entering the credit card details, when the PS4 owner will be asked if they wanted to extend the trial over a period of time.

It seems that Sony has already been notified of the glitch but has yet to say anything official about the matter.

PS Plus Will Get Better: Triple A Games Coming In?

So far, the PS4 has been in the PS Plus for approximately less than half a year, and those who have been subscribers from the start have seen a number of free games for Sony's next-gen console. Admittedly, they were mostly small indie games and titles, with the latest one being the scary-as-hell "Outlast."

But it seems like this won't only be the case in the future, preferably once the PS4 has finally found its footing, as bigger and more known titles become available for it.

*Captain Price is rumoured to return, this time for "Call of Duty: Ghosts": Read here for more.

"The PlayStation 4 needs to live some more, before we can actually put out these big titles. So at the current state it's more for the smaller titles now," said Casper Leise Andersson, Nordic Community Coordinator, to Game Reactor.

At least there is a promise of seeing triple-A games for the future of the PS4 as the PS Plus builds on the service to cater to more people and to offer better features as well.

Australians and the PS4: It's Their Chosen Console?

The PS4 has been enjoying quite a bit of demand, and if the reports of the PS4 being sold out in a number of retailers all over the U.S. say anything, it would have to be that the PS4 is seriously enjoying the attention of fans worldwide.

Apparently, this is more so over in Australia, where the PS4 has already held quite a top position in sales, reports According to a report from the NPD Group, it seems that the PlayStation franchise, in general, has been on its third year being in the top sales position, with the PS3 being the highest selling console on its third year already.

*There's a big possibility for "The Last of Us 2" to come---though it may take a while to get here: Read the full story here.

As for the next-gen consoles, the PS4 has won over the Xbox One in terms of sales, even more so now that the stocks are starting to be replenished in Australia.

"The arrival of PS4 at the end of 2013 has further strengthened the love affair Australian gamers have with PlayStation. PS4 has been an astronomic success in Australia; a story that is replicated around the globe," said Michael Ephraim, SCE Australia managing director, to

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