PS4 and Sony: New H1Z1 Screenshots Released, No Man’s Sky Hands-on and More Destiny Updates

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Danilo Napalan Plays the New Zombie Survival Game 'Dying Light' in the Warner Bros. Booth at E3 in Los Angeles
Danilo Napalan plays the new zombie survival game "Dying Light " in the Warner Bros. booth at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles, California, June 10, 2014. REUTERS

After the latest update for the players on "H1Z1," Sony Online Entertainment has released a new gameplay video and a few new screenshots of the game.

Following fire effects and night time game experience, Gameranx reports the new screenshots now showcase weather effects and snow in the world. As seen in the screenshots, the landscape becomes covered in white, as seen in the images in the link above.

The new gameplay is a glimpse of what was showcased at the E3 2014, with game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt who explains the easy and intuitive mechanics that goes into "H1Z1."

Whisenhunt also features the different crafting capabilities that players can resort to, which is very similar to how crafting goes in other open-world games like "Minecraft." One focus of the demo is the crafting of weapons and how players can create recipes out of combining materials.

The world seen in the demo is also rich enough, compared to some of the bare landscapes seen in some of the demos and Twitch streams that the developers have featured. However, there is still no word on when "H1Z1" will reach Steam Early Access.

'Destiny' is Getting at Least 2 Locations for Beta

Bungie, developer of "Destiny," has rounded up a few updates on what's happening with the title. The devoloper started it off with a disconfirmation of the speculated $500 million development costs for the title. The Ghost dialog featuring Peter Dinklage, which has disappointed some fans, has also been updated in the beta already, so players can expect a better experience come the beta and the actual game.

But the more interesting feature, spotted by DualShockers, is the fact that there are hidden hints as to the locations coming for the "Destiny" beta.

According to the source, a set of screenshots revealed by Bungie were actually pointing to Mars, more specifically to Buried City. Another screenshot is speculated to be somewhere in Venus and the Devastated Coast. This was discovered by browsing through old concept art as showcased in the link above.

In any case, the beta is still up for July 17 on the PS4 and PS3. However, the release date for Xbox platforms, though confirmed to have beta in July, have not yet been specified by the developers.

'No Man's Sky': Incredible Story, Incredible Game

With open-world games now taking the spotlight, "No Man's Sky" seems to be taking it one step further, this time opting for an explorative angle that will literally let the imagination fuel what players plan to do.

In a recent hands-on courtesy of The Verge, players are given a glimpse of just how much in control they are in the game. According to the report, players should not expect quests or achievements to propel their journey. If anything, they only have the minimum essentials they need to survive. From there, the choices they make will be the ones that really matter.

Given the PS4-first game will put all of its players in a single universe, it also takes multiplayer to another angle, since the universe will be so vast that sharing worlds or even meeting up with another player is not as easy or frequent as it may seem.

"People underestimate how vast our (in-game) universe is. If we were lucky enough to have a million players and started them all on one planet, they would still be really far apart," said Hello Games founder Sean Murray to The Verge.

"No Man's Sky" still does not have a set date to launch on the PS4 and eventually the PC. But it seems that a charm point when it comes to the game—and most open-world games, as a matter of fact—is that the developer realises the appeal of tinkering with a game even before it is finished, most especially when it's the type of game that knows how to put players on the pilot seat of the entire ride.

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