PS4 Release Date: Australia Midnight Launch Destinations, Adjusted Game Prices at Launch; Customised PS4 Skins Out

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If you're buying your PS4 with video game retailer EB games Australia, the schedules and locations for its midnight and breakfast launches for the PS4 have already been announced.

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Most likely, you're supposed to have received a notification via text message on when the store will have a launch event. Otaku Study has acquired the complete list of locations and schedules for these launches,

According to the report, stores either have a midnight launch which will be open for crowds at either 5 p.m. or 10 p.m. Some stores also have breakfast launches, which will start at 8 a.m. There will be separate queues for those who have the fast pass on the first day of the PS4 launch.

You can check out the link for the complete list, but some of the areas with a midnight launch set for 5 p.m. include Airport West, Australia Fair, Balina Central, Chadstone, Forest Lakes, Griffith, Knox City, Port Augusta, Salamander Bay, Swanson Street, Victoria Point, and Wetherill Park.

The shortest link, areas with midnight launches at 10 p.m. include Bairnsdale, Devonport, Horsham, Palmerston, Shepparton, Traralgon, Warringal, and Wendouree Ballarat.

Lastly, some of the locations featuring breakfast launches at 8 a.m. include Ashfield, Bateau Bay, Campbeltown, Eastgardens, Glendale, Ocean Keys, Hurtsville, Lavington, Geraldton, Rockingham, and Waverley Gardens.

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Lower prices for PS4 games

When the prices for PS games were first announced, gamers had protested at how much pricier they were compared to those that are coming out on the Xbox One.

And it seems that the protests have worked, as it has already been announced that the PS4 games' prices will be adjusted accordingly before the launch in Europe.

According to a report from Eurogamer, EA and Ubisoft games for the PS4 now cost the same as their versions in the Xbox One. This came after the negotiations with Sony brought down the prices for the likes of Assassin's Creed 4, Battlefield 4, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, NBA Live 14, Just Dance 2014, and Need for Speed: Rivals.

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While most of the flak was received by the game developers, Eurogamer's exclusive with Ubisoft yielded a different approach, "Both Microsoft and Sony provide pricing matrices for games sold digitally via their respective services, similar to the way tiered wholesale pricing works on Apple's iTunes."

"Because those two matrices are not identical, the resulting prices on the two online services don't always align."

Still, the price adjustment will surely be a bit of good news for those who have bought a PS4. This means that the games won't restrict PS4 users from fully enjoying the console.

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Skins for your PS4 worth checking out

For those in North America who already have their PS4 consoles, as well as those who will be getting theirs on November 29 come Friday, it's about time that you start thinking accessories and other ways to make your PS4 even prettier. After all, you'll probably display that in your living room for quite a while, so why not give it a touch of your own personality?

This is what PS4 skins have been all about, and now more designs can easily be applied on the PS4. Lately, there have been a number of PS4 skins coming out, with the newest being the Nintendo skin that lets your PS4 (and Xbox One) turn into a NES-looking device.

This was spotted by Kotaku, complete with photos, which you can check out in the link. It's a sleek look, and one that actually spices up your PS4.

But if you're not into the NES look, DecalGirl - creator of skins for quite a lot of products, from gadgets and mobile phones, to consoles and game controllers - has already released its lineup of premade skins for the PS4, which you can check out in their official website here.

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A number of ready-made PS4 skins include animal prints, vector designs, Keep Calm themes, camo skins, colored wood (the Dark Rosewood looks pretty sleek), and even flags. You can browse through 92 pages of PS4 skins samples, each with 20 skins-- so you do the math

DecalGirl is also giving PS4 owners the chance to customise their own skins, so if you don't want to stick with what the DecalGirl artists have already created, you can easily make your own.

For those who need inspiration, Imgur user, SquigglyGamers, has rendered some really awesome PS4 skin designs, some of them themed for games like Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs, superheroes including Iron Man, and even TV Series like Breaking Bad. Check out the gallery at the link above.

If you're sporting an Xbox One, DecalGirl has also announced that the Xbox One skin designs samples will be made available shortly.

"We are launching the Xbox One by Friday--the PS4 went up last week. You can create your own or go for our designs," said DecalGirl on their Facebook page.

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