PS4 Preps PlayStation Now with PS3 Titles—Possible Answer to Kinect-Less Xbox One

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With Microsoft launching a Kinect-less Xbox One, the supposed answer for the next-gen console to stand on the same footing as the PS4, Sony may need a new push to forward its own hardware and games.

It seems that one way for the PS4 to get back its cool would be the much-experimented on and expected feature, the PlayStation Now.

While the PlayStation Now is currently on beta mode, PSU reports that some very observant gamers have found listings of PS3 titles over at the PS4 Store. According to the source, this can be found if you go to the Day-One Digital > All Games, after which you can see a number of PS3 games.

Some of the titles included are "GTA V," "Diablo III," "The Last of Us," "Far Cry 3" and "Pay Day 2," among others.

Considering that the PlayStation Now is on beta until its official release, come summer in North America, and the fact that the E3 2014 is just some time away, it may be that Sony is testing this feature further for possible announcements at the event.

A Long List of Titles at Launch for PlayStation Now

If that's not enough, IGN adds that Sony has also officially announced that it will be releasing the service to North America with a long list of titles on the first day.

This was revealed at a PlayStation event, and it was also at this venue that some of the games that are on the PlayStation Now were demoed. For instance, "Uncharted: Drake's Deception" was streamed on the PS4 and another game, "Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus" was streamed to the PS Vita.

There's no confirmation yet as to how many games will be available at launch, as Sony Computer Entertainment America has clarified that it has not yet given an official statement to the number of titles coming out at launch.

Combining the two leaks together, it would be interesting if Sony would give more details as to how the PlayStation Now will work on the PS4, PS3, and other platforms that it's planning to release the service in--and the E3 2014 would be the perfect venue for it, especially now that the focus for the rivaling next-gen consoles have shifted to games.

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