PS4 Plans for H1Z1 Revealed, Plus 2 More Games Detailed for the PS4

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One of Sony's awaited post-apocalypse game, H1Z1, a zombie-infested game that admittedly takes inspiration from the likes of DayZ. And given that there have been previous reports that the latter may get an Xbox One and PS4 port, H1Z1 may also be going a similar path.

GameSpot got in touch with John Smedley, president for Sony Online Entertainment, which is also responsible for the PC MMO title, about its plans for the game. so far, it's going to be offered as a free-to-play MMO on the PC, boasting of dynamic weather and crafting system, as well as a destructible environment.

Smedley has also firmly stated that H1Z1 will offer a different perspective on apocalypse and zombies. "We've got our own ideas. Our game has a lot of its own features; not just features but it's got its own feeling. We're going for a very, very zombie-heavy [feel]," he said.

H1Z1 first gameplay trailer (via YouTube/H1Z1)

And perhaps the most important part of the talk is that, while H1Z1 is already scheduled to launch on the PC before 2014 ends, there's still also the potential that it can find its way on the PS4.

"We're focused on getting it out on the PC first. As a Sony company we're really excited about PS4 and the opportunities we have there," said Smedley to GameSpot.

Amplitude reboot on Kickstarter from Harmonix

Amplitude, the music video game that's also a classic on the PlayStation 2, will now have a chance to get a reboot on the PS4 and PS3, once the Kickstarter funding started by Harmonix gets full support.

At the PlayStation Blog, Harmonix art director Ryan Lesser details Amplitude and have emphasized that fans have been asking for a sequel to the arcade-like game.

"With the inclusion of four-player local multiplayer, online leaderboards, and other great improvements, we think we can build something really special for the new generation of PlayStation consoles," said Lesser.

For the updated version, the Kickstarter page for the project details what's going to be done, but in a nutshell, the developer wants to rebuild the title and update it with a new list of soundtracks, better visuals, and fine-tuned controls. Features like the Beat Blaster, music notes, tracks and the FX will all be modernized, with early sketches of the Beat Blaster on display at the site. Difficulty levels will still be "'Dark Souls' hard" as what it was like years ago.

Fans still have 17 days to support the project. At $20, you can already get the cross-buy code of the full game for the PS4 or PS3 at launch.

New details on PS4 exclusive Without Memory

Russian studio Dinosaurum Games is currently developing Without Memory, a PS4 exclusive, but DualShockers has managed to obtain a new concept art (hit the link to view it) as well as more gameplay details.

According to the source, exploration of the world, which has different levels, will allow the player to interact with the characters in the game. It may also have a very decision-based feel for the gameplay, as even the cutscenes will be interactive via questions answerable by the touchpad of the DualShock 4. Your answers will make a huge difference in the turnout of events.

Even the action scenes will introduce what is called the "innovative quick time event system." As per the developer, this would make the gameplay more enjoyable than mere button presses.

Apart from being a thriller title, there will also be puzzles and side quests, both of which will affect the main plot of the game. Keep all those in mind for the meantime, as there will still be a long wait for the release of Without Memory, which is scheduled for a 2016 launch.

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