PS4 Now Cheaper in UK; Limited Edition PS4 'Metal Gear Solid V' Console; 'Deep Down’s' New Details


As though the fact that the PS4 is constantly sold out in various retailers compared to the Xbox One is not enough, Sony's next-gen console is now cheaper by £20 than its original price of £349.99 in the UK, pulling it down to £329.97.

This is only a retailer-initiated price drop for GameStop, specifically in the UK, and it can only be availed of by buying the Standard Edition, with no games or additional accessories.

IGN reports that this is first time that the PS4 has been discounted, whereas the Xbox One has been enjoying discounts left and right in other retailers and even GameStop. It's a wonder, considering that the PS4 remains sold out despite its original price.

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Is This the PS4's Contender to the Xbox One's 'Titanfall' Controller?

If the Xbox One had something going on like the "Titanfall" Xbox One controller going on for its system, it seems that Sony is determined not to lose even in this aspect.

A recent tweet from "Metal Gear Solid" series creator Hideo Kojima was obtained by GameSpot, and it suggested the possibility of a limited edition "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes" PlayStation bundle.

Whether or not this pertains to an actual bundle of games or if it's a "Metal Gear Solid V"-themed PS4 console and DualShock 4 controller has not yet been confirmed. All that Mr Kojima has teased is the possibility that there may be a collaboration between Sony, PS4 and "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes," based on what was tweeted by the creator as translated by DualShockers.

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'Deep Down' Details: Gameplay, Characters and More

More details on the free-to-play and PS4 exclusive game "Deep Down" have been revealed during the PS4 Lab live stream. DualShockers has gotten down to translating the information from producer Kazunori Sugiura.

*"Sons of Anarchy" is definitely going to be a game, and the series creator himself is already this excited: Read the full story here.

Among the things discussed include the lack of female playable characters, though only because of the way the story dictates it. The main story of "Deep Down" will also be divided into chapters, and players will be able to access four weapon types when the game launches. The rest will come in the form of updates, so that gamers can enjoy the first few weapons' differing gameplay styles.

Lastly, Remote Play for the PS Vita will be supported even with the free-to-play model. The biggest news here would have to be the lack of female characters.

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