PS4 News: Trick to Get YouTube on PS4; Updates on Zavvi, Best Buy Stocks; 2 Games Out After Delay

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One of the advantages of the Xbox One over the PS4 is that it has a bigger number of entertainment apps. Granted, Xbox One does aim to put entertainment at par with gaming.

But if you miss some of these apps, you'll be happy to know a simple remedy to one of them: getting YouTube on the PS4.

Gamezone has revealed a simple way to get YouTube on the PS4 until the promised native app lands on Sony's console. It's as simple as opening the Internet browser and going to, and bookmarking the page. You can also just use the Square button to push the page to full screen and bookmark it.

This will give you a similar layout to the Xbox One app, which is a viable substitute, at least until the native YouTube app for the PS4 comes along.

A warning for Xbox One gamers: Avoid tinkering with the locked dev settings for now.

Christmas bundles and stock updates for this week

New PS4 stocks are currently a major issue for those who still haven't gotten their hands on a PS4 console. With stock replenishments going out within hours of being announced, it's no wonder people are currently on the lookout.

Zavvi, a UK retailer, has some good news with regard to the PS4 bundle, as it has recently announced a new bundle fit for the holidays. According to Push Square, Zavvi has stocked up on a Christmas Bundle, which sells at £719.99.

Before you say, "Travesty!" note that there are quite a handful of freebies and accessories that come with the bundle. The PS4 Christmas bundle has a Killzone: Shadow Fall hardware bundle, NBA Live 14 and Just Dance 2014 games, two DualShock 4 controllers, a £25 PlayStation Network voucher, and 3G compatible PS Vita.

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Think of it as a PS4 and PS Vita bundle that's wrapped into a Christmas present with all the other add-ons. According to the report, you get almost £30 discount, as the original sum of all the add-ons and the console combined amount to £750.

If that's not your think, you can also opt for Best Buy's limited stocks out on Sunday, Dec. 8. iGameResponsibly reports that the retailer has not yet confirmed if the new stock can be bought online or in-store, so if you have the time to line up or check Best Buy online, do so before the stocks run out again.

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In games: Blacklight: Retribution and flOw

Two delayed games for the PS4 have finally made it to launch. The first is Blacklight: Retribution, which comes out in Europe. However, Eurogamer reports that the game is not yet available for download on the PlayStation Store just yet, but may be soon.

At the same time, flOw is also now out in Europe for £3.99. Videogamer reports that it's a cross-buy game. This puts those with more than just the PS4 at an advantage, as they can download the game freely to other PlayStation devices.

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