PS4 News: Thief and Beyond: Two Souls Confirmed for PS4, Plus a Possible Console Design Released?


The red egg-shaped device on the Sony UK Facebook page, captioned with "It's coming," has piqued the interest of PS3 fans, as well as those looking forward to a PS4 when it comes out.

According to Trusted Reviews, it could very well be the first glimpse of the PS4 console, but given Sony's track record of constantly teasing fans, the device could be anyone's guess at this point.

What isn't a guess or a gamble are these two game titles that have been assured of being in the PS3, whether as an exclusive or as one of the platforms when they release in 2014.

Thief makes a comeback on the PS4

With almost a decade of absence of any releases or updates about thief, it's almost a fitting comeback with a bang as the fourth installment of Thief comes back straight to the PS4 and other next-gen consoles.

And while this upcoming release is, technically the latest in the series, NowGamer reports that this release is a reinvention of the old one, hence the drop of the 4 and the potential expansion of the game to higher territories.

In fact, now, master thief Garrett will have to make good use of his abilities as well as the environment to go through the different obstacles and routes.

Another addition for the less trigger-happy gamers is the no-kill approach, where one can go through the game without having to resort to lethal methods, reports Shacknews. Gamers will have to wait until 2014 before the release of Thief, but it seems like a worthwhile wait given the decade-long preparation.

Beyond: Two Souls to be the first Quantic Dream title for PS4

Developer Quantic Dream already has its first PS4 title set out, and work is already pushing ahead. Beyond Two Souls, a PS3 game that's slated for release this October, is now also in the studio for the PS4 release.

Gamespot reports that the PS4 version will be more of a story-driven and character-based game, to avoid duplicating projects which is already slated to release in the current generation platform.

"Because of our relationship with Sony, we had access to development kits on PlayStation 4 very early on," said Quantic Dream founder David Cage to Gamespot. "We started developing [Beyond's] engine on PlayStation with crazy features that were usually reserved to CG films."

EuroGamer adds that Beyond: Two Souls is a supernatural thriller where the main lead, played by Ellen Page of Juno and Inception, has psychic powers that link her to a mysterious entity.

For now, Beyond: Two Souls is slated for an exclusive release on the PS3 on October 8 for the U.S. and Europe.

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