PS4 News: Sony Reveals GDC Schedule and Gaikai Web Site Updates

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With only a week left before the Game Developers Conference happens from March 17 to 21 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Sony has already announced its lineup of booths and Sony Computer Entertainment developers, programmers and the entire crew of experts who will be talking on different topics during the event.

Sony will have four sponsored sessions, three of which will be centered on the PS4. On March 19, there will be two talks on the PS4, "Creating unique interactive experiences with the PlayStation 4" with Chris Norden. This is an interesting panel in the sense that there will be discussions on new input devices for the PS4.

With speculations of the PS4 VR headset coming to the GDC 2014, it would be interesting to note that this could be one of the sessions where that will be discussed, especialy with the mention of new devices and interactive services.

Indie development and F2P on the PS4 discussions will also be featured on March 19 and 20. Other PS4-related talks are featured in the lineup, with focus on games like inFamous: Second Son, The Last of Us and Killzone: Shadow Fall, to name a few.

Check out the full lineup of panel and session schedules over at the PlayStation official web site.

Gaikai web site shows off UI, developments

Sony has been very vocal about its plans to take gaming to the cloud, though it had not been as online-aggressive as Microsoft was about its cloud power.

But now, Gaikai is slowly penetrating the gaming scene, as DualShockers spotted the new updates that the official web site of the service has featured. According to the report, the Gaikai web site now features Sony and the partnership in the timeline, the words PlayStation Now finally appearing, despite the lack of very evident title change.

In the last entry of the timeline in the Gaikai's history page, the PlayStation Now UI can be seen featuring games like The Last if Us, Uncharted 3, and Far Cry 3. So far, there are no teased hints on the timeline as to the next steps, but it's pretty clear that this is a work in progress, and one where the Gaikai will be adding more inputs as the PlayStation Now is revealed more and more in the coming months.

You can check out the Gaikai web site here.

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