PS4 News: Sony Announces Affordable VR Headset, Upcoming PS4 Update Detailed

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The rumours and speculations proved true as Sony debuted its VR headset for the PS4, dubbed as the Project Morpheus, at GDC. What's more, Sony Worldwide boss Shuhei Yoshida seems pretty confident in the development of the device, particularly in its hand at future of games on the PS4 and next-gen gaming.

"I have long dreamed about VR and the possibilities it brings in regards to game development," said Yoshida over at PlayStation Blog. "This new technology will deliver a sense of presence, where you as the player actually feel like you're inside the game and your emotions feel that much more real."

The prototype VR headset features a 1080p resolution and a 90-degree field of view. With the use of the PS Eye Camera, the device will be tracked via the head orientation and movement, enabling the virtual world to rotate in real-time.

There will also be gyroscope sensors and accelerometer built-in the device, as well as 3D audio technology that is dependent on the head orientation for a more realistic feel even to the sounds.

Apparently, the Project Morpheus VR headset has already been in Sony's drawing board for three years, and the first wave of prototypes will be made available as dev kits for PS4 developers who want to make use of the medium.

Sony has showcased a more refined prototype of the device at the GDC, and Kotaku has snapped a few shots of it, adding that EVE Valkyrie was playable in the dev kit for those at the floor.

Yoshida adds that, for the Project Morpheus VR headset to work, gamers will need the PS Eye Camera, while the PS Move is just an optional device, depending on the demands that the game title may have.

For now, pricing is not yet being discussed, though VR Focus quotes Yoshida on saying that "One of the great things about something being consumer electronics... is that it's affordable." Given that Sony is planning to release the Project Morpheus as a complementary accessory to the PS4, it would be nice if they could provide a pretty affordable price tag to entice gamers to experience a new way of gaming.

In addition, since the PS Eye Camera plays a big role in the overall function of the Project Morpheus, ensuring that there will be stocks of the PS4 Eye Camera in the near future should be one of the priorities for Sony.

A new PS4 update in the works

The most recent PS4 update, already available to PS4 now, did not have much by way of features. If anything, It was merely a stability fix that improved some issues of the PS4.

This is why it's good to hear that Sony is planning to release another PS4 software update, this time bearing a few new features to add to the next-gen console.

"We'll soon be bringing some of your most-requested features to PS4 with a system software update in the upcoming weeks. These features and additions will help make your PS4 even more socially connected by further enabling you to customize your most epic gaming moments and granting even more options to show them to your friends," said Scot McCarthy, director for product planning and software innovation at SCEA over at the PlayStation Blog.

One additional feature includes the rich video editor with a tool that allows players to personalize video clips and export and save the videos and screenshots to a USB drive just by pressing the SHARE button. An HDCP off option for capturing gameplay using HDMI will also be added, which his perfect for players who need to capture longer gameplay clips.

Something to look forward to later on is the ability to archive Twitch broadcasts, which Sony has reportedly stated will be coming in a separate update. Apparently, a number of PS4 users are requesting this feature. The possibility for a higher resolution of 720p may also be included in the option for better and crisper images.

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