PS4 News: September PS Plus Lineup Of Free Games Revealed As Owner Numbers On PS4 Are Broken Down

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With August already ending, Sony has finally released the September PS Plus lineup preview of games for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

Over at the PlayStation Blog, it was announced that PS Plus members will get two games for free per platform. The lineup has been listed down as follows:

- PS4: Velocity 2X and Sportsfriends

- PS3: PS All Stars Battle Royale and Hoard

- PS Vita; TxK and Joe Danger

"Velocity 2X" is the sequel to "Velocity Ultra," which is a puzzle platform action title where you need to defeat the evil Vokh. "Sportsfriends" (which is also available for the PS3) is the title that boasts local multiplayer games for your very own living room and features retro-style games including BaraBariBall and Hokra, among others.

On the PS3 is the "PlayStation All Star Battle Royale," where characters from Sony games will be pitted together for a brawler adventure with a competitive online multiplayer. The other PS3 game is "Hoard," which is an action-arcade title where you need to build a giant pile of gold as a dragon.

Lastly, the PS Vita is getting "Joe Danger" which boasts 60fps graphics and improved touch controls and "TxK" will take you through 100 levels of gameplay matched with soundtracks.

Sony has confirmed that the September PS Plus lineup games will be out for free for PS Plus members come Sept. 2.

Apart from the new lineup coming out, there has also been a new finding released about the PS4 and its success as a next-gen console. A study by Nielsen had revealed that the PS4 is taking fans and players from the Microsoft and Nintendo.

GameSpot has obtained the information, which provides possible explanation as to how Sony's PS4 has been doing very well in the console wars since its release nine months ago. The data from Nielsen had shown that some of the current owners of the PS4 did not use to have PS3. In fact, this group, which comprised of 31% had even owned an Xbox 360 or a Wii.

Even more interesting is that 17% were not even console device owners, though the PS4 has become their first choice when getting into the next-gen experience of gaming. It adds that the current known trend in the Internet, which was that movement from the last-gen to the current-gen may have been contributed to by the loyalty of a fan base to the brand of their last-owned console device may not be so true at all.

The original source, Re/Code does report that one possible limitation that could have also affected the study is that they had only asked the players about the consoles that they currently have today, without taking into consideration the possibility of having an old and sold it or just thrown it away.

In any case, there's still the Chinese market to expand for both the PS4 and Xbox One and see if the final stretch in territory will make the difference in numbers.

"Destiny" PS4, PS3 exclusive content (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)

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