PS4 News: PS4 Gets PSone, PS2 Support, PS Vita 3.10 Update Detailed

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By now, news of layoffs over at Sony's headquarters, particularly in three of the UK developers, including Evolution Studios, in charge of the PS4 exclusive DriveClub, has cast quite a shadow, despite assurances of DriveClub being unaffected by the layoffs.

However, not everything is tainted by the gloomy atmosphere, as a new leak related to the PS4 has been spotted from insider @thuway.

VG 24/7 has spotted reports of a rumour on the PSOne and PS2 classic titles having support for the PS4 with 1080p rendering to boot for particular titles from @thuway. Quoting the insider, who has had his fair share of legit leaks, via his Twitter:

"Be excited: 1. Local PS2/PS1 support on PS4 w/native 1080p rendering for select titles. 2. Bluray + Media Player updates."

But it doesn't stop there, as @thuway also hinted at VR demos coming in at future events (perhaps during PAX East 2014?), more PS4 exclusive games, and the launch of the PlayStation Now service.

No details have been given regarding the very vague PS4 games or the VR demos (though this should be expected since Sony has already revealed the Project Morpheus). However, regarding the VR headset as a product, it seems that @thuway is rallying for feedback on the headset, perhaps as a way to improve on what has already been showcased.

From the looks of it, mainstream VR gaming is really in the plans for Sony with Project Morpheus, and it's currently opening its doors to any criticisms that can help design the tech to make it more mainstream.

PS Vita 3.10 update detailed

Sony has recently announced the availability of the PS Vita 3.10 update, which brings a number of new features and changes, starting with the increase in the limit of icons for the PS Vita, from 100 to 500.

Voice message can now also be exchanged, a crossover feature that can be accessed with the PS4. This means that you can use the voice message feature between the PS4 and the PS Vita, regardless if you are using the same console or not.

A change in parental controls has also been implemented in the hopes of restricting access to the PS Store to monitor for kids based on the age level and classification in the game.

The calendar app can now sync with the Google Calendar, when you create gameplay events with friends or invite them to share the events with the use of either messages of emails.

There are also a number of changes and updates in the Music, Video, Photo, Settings, and Content Manager portions of the PS Vita, which are detailed over at the PlayStation Blog. Most of the updates involve searching, filtering, and additions of new modes.

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