PS4 News: PS4 Firmware 1.61 Released; New Games from 'Killzone' Developer and More

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A new mandatory update has been released by Sony, titled the PS4 1.61 firmware update.

This new update is already live following a tweet from community manager for PlayStation, Chris Owen.

#PS4 firmware v1.61 is now live (mandatory) and provides general enhancements to the PS4 system's stability.

- Chris Owen (@Envisager_) February 18, 2014

This is a pretty small update that is concerned with fixing the back-end stuff of the PS4, with no additions to the PS4 in terms of the features, reports NowGamer.

*The PS4 is now cheaper in the UK following the Xbox One price drop: Read here for more.

Of course, this does not mean that Sony is not listening to the request of gamers with regard to the features that they want to see in the PS4.

One of these includes the possible addition of notifications for friends coming and going online or offline. When a fan asked if the feature will be included in the new update, Owen replied the following: 

@TheNoobKiller No but we have fed this back into the business that is a much wanted feature. - Chris Owen (@Envisager_) February 18, 2014

More PS4 Titles Leaked

Previous reports on the PS4 has mentioned that there are 100 games slated for Sony's next-gen console, and as if to prove that the games are already in the pipeline, more titles have been revealed by insider Ahsan Rasheed, more known as Thuway.

DualShockers has gotten the list of games tweeted by Thuway, which include new "Drive Club" updated footage, a new IP from Sony Santa Monica that involves the use of the PS4 VR, "Uncharted 4" (mentioned twice in the list), a Guerilla new IP and "The Last Guardian."

Things to look forward to- 1. Drive Club updated footage 2 PS4 VR + SSM New IP 3. UC 4 4. Guerilla new IP 5. UC4 6. The Last Guardian

- Ahsan Rasheed (@thuway) February 18, 2014

*Despite being hyped on the Xbox One, it seems that the graphics on the PC will still be better for "Titanfall": Read here for more. There was also a quick note on "Gran Turismo 7":

GT7 Prologue was left out intentionally. - Ahsan Rasheed (@thuway) February 18, 2014

Of course, being insider information, it still has to be remembered that all of these should be taken with a grain of salt and be treated more as rumours until Sony makes the official announcement.

Interestingly, a new listing over at Amazon has already showcased "Uncharted 4," with what is probably a placeholder date of Dec 31, 2015.

PS4 Sales Cross 5.3 M Overall

With the Japanese launch of the PS4 set for Feb 22, Sony's console has seen an even bigger jump for its global sales even before the expected massive release in Japan.

*The next "Call of Duty" game is something to look forward to as Sledgehammer Games takes over as developer: Read the details here.

The Verge reports that Sony has now exceeded its original expectations of selling 5 million units to bring the number up to 5.3 million globally and without the sales for its home territory.

This counters the Xbox One sales by a huge margin, considering that Microsoft's next-gen console has reported only shipped 3.9 million units for its console. But the battle for the sales count may reach another peak once the PS4 launches in Japan and the days leading to March 11, when "Titanfall," one of Microsoft's most hyped games, will be released.

The PS4 system's momentum just keeps growing. I am thrilled that so many customers around the globe have continued to select PS4 as the best place to play," said Andrew House, chief executive of Sony, said in a statement quoted by Bloomberg.

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