PS4 News: PS4 Bug Deletes Games, New Details for 3 Games from Sony London, Sony Bend and Team Ninja

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PS4 players are encountering quite a number of bugs recently, as the latest seems to be targeting the games stored in the console.

It seems that some PS4 gamers are discovering deleted games from Sony's next-gen console, which have been automatically deleted. According to Gamingbolt, this was first spotted by a Reddit user, who seems to have his "Killzone" game deleted from the PS4.

Apparently, the Redditor had just played the game less than 2 days after it was deleted and had even seen it the night before while playing another game. But what may be alarming for some PS4 gamers is that the bug does not come with any error messages to notify its user that something is wrong.

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"After initializing the console last month I thought it had fixed the issue but it seems not. There are no error messages or anything to suggest there is a problem with the console," said the Redditor as quoted by Gamingbolt.

There are other cases where this has happened, with the same signature that the save files are not deleted. So far, no fixes or official word from Sony has been released regarding the bug.

More Details for an Unannounced PS4 Game

The game that was teased by Sony World Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida coming from Sony Bend Studio has just been detailed.

VG Leaks has gotten its hands on some new information about the PS4 game via a job ad that refers to the unannounced PS4 game.

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While there are no direct references to the game, the position of Senior Staff Animator requires the ability to animate characters, vehicles, weapons and other mobile objects in the game. The animation seems to also refer to motion capture workflows, and the position requires knowledge of cinematic sequences and facial animation.

Team Ninja and Sony London Confirm PS4 Games Coming

The developer of Ninja Gaiden, "Team Ninja," is working on a new title for the PS4, reports

"We're developing a PlayStation 4 title internally, so please look forward to future updates," said Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi in the report quoted by

Reporting on an interview with a Japanese magazine, there does not seem to be any specific announcements as to whether the game in development will be a PS4 exclusive, a next-gen game or one that will come to numerous consoles.

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Another studio that is already hard at work with a new PS4 title is Sony London. DualShockers has spotted a new career ad looking for a Senior Lighting Artist who will be working on a PS4 title.

From the job ad, there is mention of elements of lighting, cinematic set and character lighting, and dynamic and pre-baked setups. What's more, lighting accents seems to also be heavily a part of the gameplay, which may not be anything at all related to a "Singstar" release as previously rumoured.

Still, Sony has yet to announce anything from its London studio, but at least it seems that the developers are hard at work on another PS4 title.

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