PS4 News: Possible Performance Boost and High Electricity Consumption Reported

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There have been a lot of new developments over at the Xbox One territory, but the PS4 may actually be preparing for something pretty good, if a new report is to be believed.

Insider Ahsan Rasheed, more known as Thuway, has been teasing some new possible facts for the PS4, starting with the possibility that if the number that he had heard was true then it would be "game over for Xbox One."

Apparently, this was regarding rumoured improvements that the PS4 will be receiving, reports Gamepur. And if this is true, it may still render useless the extra space that the Xbox One has received after it was freed from the Kinect.

"I don't mean game over in terms of sales. I am talking about power. PS4 performance boost rumor is insane. I find it hard to swallow," said Thurway as a clarification as quoted by Gamepur. "But if it is true, the Xbox One to PS4 port differences will grow much larger if devs choose to make PS4 versions shine."

It seems that one of the aftereffects of allowing retail of the Xbox One without the Kinect was the ability to allow the machine more power, as the reserved performance allotted for the Kinect is now free to be used for games. But if Sony is planning another performance boost, then it might just up the PS4 power even more, thus adding more to the gap between the two consoles.

The improvements may be referring to improvements from the ICE team for the PS4, and the source also reports that it may be looking at a demo from one of the Naughty Dog's works.

Fans discussing this new possibility over at the PlayStation Blog Europe have pointed out that the insider has been very consistent in giving leaks that are worth their rumour. "Tidux is always on the money as is well connected. Very happy I went PS4, my hope is that all future gamese ar 1080P," said forums user Riscon.

PS4 and Xbox One: Power Drinker Compared to Last-Gen

If you have been playing the PS4 or Xbox One compared to your previous PS3 or Xbox 360 there may have been a noticeable change in the amount of electricity consumption reflected on your electric bill.

This was the report obtained by PC World from the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the sad fact is that the doubled or tripled power consumed compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3, most of them are consumed when the consoles are idle.

There's a graph comparing the Xbox One and PS4 to their predecessors in the link above, and as can be seen, the difference in annual energy consumption are very wide. The PlayStation consoles consumption jumped from the PS3's 64 kWh/year to 161 kWh/year, while the Xbox 360's 70 kWh/year went to as much as 233 kWh//year to 289 kWh/year.

"Most of that energy will be consumed in the middle of the night, when the console is in standby mode but still listening for voice commands like the Xbox One, or using higher power than necessary to keep USB ports active, lie the PS4," said the NRDC as quoted by PC world.

Of course, this would be an interesting time out point out that the Xbox One will now be coming Kinect-free, though this may have to be taken into new review in the future.

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