PS4 News: PlayStation Blog Share’s Comeback and 2 More Games for the PS4 Detailed

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An old feature for the PlayStation is making a comeback, which is the PlayStation Blog Share. This is an open forum where PlayStation gamers can share ideas and vote on games, officially making it the go-to platform for Sony when it comes to player feedback.

This was first seen in 2010, when it was released by Sony Computer Entertainment, and it's only now that it will finally be jumpstarted.

DualShockers reports that during the PlaySation Blogcast, Sid Shuman of PlayStation Social Media has mentioned that PlayStation Blog Share will be coming back, updated and now focused on the PS4 and PS Vita, the two consoles that are currently making waves with new games.

Apparently, the PlayStation Blog Share has been an ongoing project over at Sony's, and it will be ready to launch once more in a few weeks. This would be a great way for developers to have a direct line with gamers, so that any feedback and comments can immediately be communicated for a more comprehensive and efficient feedback system.

Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition details for the PS4

With Diablo's Ultimate Evil Edition as well as the Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls DLC coming to the PS4, new features that will be coming to Sony's next-gen console have already been detailed by Blizzard.

Segment Next has gotten the full list of new features, but there are some striking ones that fans may want to take note of.

The first is the chance for friends to receive a "Gift' for every time you get a legendary drop. There's also a new Apprentice mode, wherein the lower level player's stats will boost when they partner up with a higher level player. The lower level player will obviously have an advantage in exp and stats, but the higher level player can also enjoy exp and items.

Group play also gets bonus experience, with the loot distributed according to stats. A number of the bonus experience include massacre bonuses and killing enemies using the environment for more experience, speed boost for destroying breakables, and loot drops.

Galak-Z comes this fall to PS4, PS Vita

Indie game Galak-Z from 17-BIT is coming his fall to both the PS4 and PS Vita, as confirmed to Joystiq by company CEO Jake Kazdal. It seems that it will first debut on the PS4 before heading to the PS Vita and Steam.

The game is very much like arcade shooters, with one exception--it's a physics-based game that has AI dodging shots and leading shots. And a randomly-generated adventure that will make each game a shooting spree to experience.

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