PS4 News: New Game May Feature Sony VR Headset; 2 More PS4 Games; Sony’s Response to Stocks Situation

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Aside from the delivery of remaining pre-ordered PS4 consoles and the upcoming exciting games, there's another device that many PS4 fans are waiting for--the Sony VR headset.

A developer for the PS4, nDreams, has been one of the more spotlighted creators because of an interesting new project that could hint at the possibility that the PS4's VR headset is actually being used in the creation of a game.

The Sixth Axis has found a screenshot that was captioned in a very interesting way. Captioned with "A screenshot from one of our VR prototypes," the photo features a screenshot that was the same one used for the PS4 title that they were reportedly working on.

While there is no way to verify if this new project actually involves both the PS4 and Sony's upcoming VR headset, the fact that nDreams is reportedly going working on ambitious projects is already something to take note of.

This isn't the only rumour running about regarding Sony's VR headset. It seems that the virtual reality headset will really be making an appearance at the CES 2014. Gamepur reports that the Sony Press Conference will be held at January 6 at 5 p.m. PST while Kaz Hirai's keynote will be held on January 7 at 8:30 a.m. PST. Any one of those can be the venue for when the Sony's PS4 VR headset can be revealed.

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Two developers hinting at two more PS4 games

Two more things to look forward to for the PS4 would be the newly trademarked games, each coming from Capcom and Naughty Dog.

Naughty Dog had once promised before 2013 ended that it will be delivering more news about the Uncharted game for the PS4 come 2014. While there are still no news about it, Naughty Dog has also commented on the possibility of The Last of Us on the PS4.

In a report from GameZone, Naughty Dog's Eric Monacelli was asked if previous Xbox 360 gamers who have switched to the PS4 will be able to experience the award-winning game The Last of Us on Sony's next0gen, he had answered, "We will see what the future brings!"

This could mean that The Last of Us on the PS4 is not entirely hopeless--at least even the developers are considering the possibility.

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Another game that may be heading for western release is Deep Down, a PS4 exclusive from Capcom--if a recent trademark is to be believed. DualShockers has gotten a screenshot of the Deep Down trademark for the U.S. Database as well as one found for Europe.

In addition to this, the domains, and have all been registered by Capcom with the most recent being updated last January 1.

Sony, Shuhei Yoshida and PS4 stocks

Even after a month and a half has passed since the release date of the PS4, finding Sony's next-gen console still proves to be a dire task, as the stocks situation is still not yet resolved completely.

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In fact, Push Square states that given how the Xbox One is much more available compared the PS4 in some regions, there is already that dilemma that people face on which to buy.

Because of this, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has responded on his Twitter account with a very simple, "Be patient." The PS4 stock situation is an understandable dilemma, since the demand was very much unexpected at the rate that the previous generation was going against Microsoft's Xbox 360.

But the fact that the global figures for the PS has already gone up to 2.1 million around the European launch last November 29, and the company's aim is to sell five million units before March ends.

Hopefully, the restock for the PS4 pushes through earlier than expected to appease customers who have been waiting for their consoles.

Yoshida also added that a PS4 firmware update is expected go live sometime in January, though no further details have been given as of yet. According to PlayStation Lifestyle, Sony cannot give anything specific as of yet, even the release date of the PS4 firmware.

Something from Yoshida that PS4 players can expect though, "Pulse support will come with the future firmware updates. Sorry for not being specific about timing."

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