PS4 News: 'The Last of Us' Plus DLC PS4 Rumour Untrue, 'DriveClub' Updates, and PS3 to PS4 Upgrade Expiration Nears

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There has been a quick rumour that "The Last of Us" will be arriving on the PS4 as early as summer. This has been based on a comment that had been made via Sony Turkey and spotted by NeoGAF.

It seems that the statement has been quoted by PlayStation Turkey's Sercan Sulun, Eurasian software market manager, hinting that while a sequel may not yet be in the works for the title, a PS4 port may come as early as summer for both physical and digital release.

However, Eurogamer has reported an update where Sony had been quick to react about the rumour and dispelled it as quickly as it had spread.

"At no time have we announced that The Last of Us is coming to PS4 and therefore, have nothing to say on the subject," went the statement coming from an SCE Europe spokesperson.

'DriveClub' Updates: Old Game Director Departs, New Developments Ensue

"DriveClub's" developer Evolution Studios has been one of the studios hit with Sony layoffs recently, but it seems that there is one other addition to the number of people leaving the studios, in the form of "DriveClub" director Col Rodgers.

Though stating that his leaving Evolution Studios was not related to the Sony layoffs, IGN reports that the decision to depart was for him to start up an indie company of his own.

In the meantime, the layoffs, as well as Rodgers' departure, won't be affecting "DriveClub's" production, seeing as how the title has already received a delay following the announcement that it was supposed to be a launch title for the PS4.

In fact, according to Videogamer, it was revealed that "DriveClub" has been making a wave of progress, so much so that the studio may be looking at announcing release dates, updates and a new game director very soon.

"We have full confidence that the game will deliver on its PS4 promise to be the first truly socially connected racing title and we are very pleased and excited by the calibre of work from Evolution Studios," said Sony in an official statement quoted by Videogamer. "The progress being made on the game is spectacular," Sony continued.

PS3 to PS4 Upgrade Promo Ending

A quick reminder to those who own both the PS3 and PS4 consoles: For those who have been wanting to upgrade "Injustice: Gods Among Us," "Battlefield 4," "Call of Duty: Ghosts" and "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag," Sony's own promo of simple upgrade to the PS4 digital versions of the games will be ending soon.

According to the PlayStation Support forum, three of the games have already been scheduled to end by the last week of March, starting with "Battlefield 4" ending on March 28, while "Call of Duty: Ghosts" and "Assassin's Creed 4" will end on March 31.

Those with disc-based PS3 titles will include a voucher entitling the customer to the PS4 digital copy once it's out, while those who made digital purchases will automatically see the PS4 version in the PS Store for the discounted rate.

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