PS4 News: 'Assassin’s Creed 4' Massive Patch; Rumoured 'The Last of Us' Coming to PS4; 'Thief' on PS4 Shown in Trailer

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With the success of "The Last of Us" only being highlighted more by its win at the Writers Guild Award for Outstanding Achievement for Writing in Video Games, it's no wonder that PS4 gamers are still very much hopeful that they will get to play the game on Sony's next-gen. After all, there are those who have made the switch, or at least bought the PS4, so they can also enjoy the games on Sony's side of the arena.

A recent leak may be the ray of hope for gamers, as a supposed tipster has revealed that the Game of the Year Edition for "The Last of Us" may hit the PS4 as early as summer of 2014.

PlayStation Universe reports that a source has found a poster of Naughty Dog's game coming this July. And if that's not enough, "Beyond: Two Souls" may also get its own GOTY treatment, though neither version has been confirmed by Sony yet.

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The only thing that's sure is that "The Last of Us" Left Behind DLC is coming on Valentine's Day, so that's something worth waiting for.

'Thief' Gets a New Trailer

Now that February has finally rolled in, Square Enix and Eidos Montreal are starting to ramp up some info and hype over "Thief," its newest reboot game.

The stealth adventure game has already been given a new trailer, and Sony is showing off "Thief" on the PS4 with the new trailer, "Everything you need to know about Thief on PS4."

Aside from the very good graphics and cinematic appeal of master thief Garrett's new adventure, the trailer also gives a background of what gamers can expect. Players will take on the role of Garrett who has just lost both his memory and his protégé and on the run from enemies.

Those who want to be very creative about their steals would have a great time with "Thief" because they have weapons and their own smarts to steal what they need. And there's also the choice between being a ruthless thief or one who steals in the manner of Robin Hood. There are even hints of more dangerous foes, which can be glimpsed in the trailer as seen below:

(Credit: YouTube/sonyplaystation)

'Assassin's Creed 4' Patch Coming in at 2 GB

Those who are still enjoying "Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag" on the PS4 should get ready to dish out 2.3 GB of patch, according to GameSpot. The new patch has been tailored for the single-player mode, fixing the friends limit on uPlay, tweaks for the multiplayer component and fixes for crashes, balances and additions for video streaming support, to name a few.

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Over at Ubisoft's forums, the fixes have been detailed, as there are a number of fixes for the gameplay, the Wolfpack and even for the sounds. It was also promised that those playing on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS4 will also get the patch, while those on the PC will have other schedules for patches.

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