PS4 to Get 100 Games; New Trailers for 'Dying Light' and 'inFamous: Second Son' on PS4

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It may seem ambitious, but Sony is planning to launch 100 games on the PS4 for 2014 alone.

The official PlayStation Twitter account has just announced the news, exciting quite a number of fans.

Lazy Gamer adds that, of the 100 games, 30 may be retail games, 50 for indies and 20 may be experiences related to other devices connected to the PS4.

Considering that the PS4 is still sold out in some of the retailers, it seems like strong evidence for the demand for Sony's next-gen console. But what's even better is that Sony is actually moving its focus towards games, so that it can ensure that the lifespan of the next-gen console is not stale.

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'Dying Light' with a New Trailer

Producer Tymon Smektala has revealed over at PlayStation Blog the newest trailer or "Dying Light." Tagged as the Humanity trailer, it casts zombies in a new light, different from how most people have portrayed zombies and zombie killing sprees in media or games.

"With our latest Humanity trailer, we wanted to present a deeper vision of what a zombie epidemic would mean for humankind. 'Epidemic' being the crucial word here. Mutating into a zombie is a result of infection, not some kind of a supernatural transformation, but simply a disease, just like flu, pneumonia, or SARS," said Mr Smektala.

"This realization helped us create one of the most outstanding features of Dying Light: its setting. A quarantined city just several weeks after the outbreak," he reveals.

Perhaps this is what makes "Dying Light" carry on a scarier tone---it's not about the paranormal that can't be explained. If anything, it shows that with a disease, a peaceful setting can transform into something chaotic as the city of Harran.

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More than the thrill of shooting zombies, which is now understood to be walking corpses that no longer feel and are no longer the people they used to be, "Dying Light" portrays zombies as players' old friends, officemates or even family. They're just infected, not the walking dead, so the choices become even weightier.

Check out the trailer that aims to test a player's humanity and put killing zombies in a new perspective:

(Credit: YouTube/Dying Light)

New Collector's Edition for 'inFamous: Second Son' Detailed in Trailer

The PS4's supposed contender as an exclusive game to "Titanfall," "inFamous: Second Son" has recently gotten a new trailer showing off the Collector's Edition of the game.

(Credit: YouTube/sonyplaystation)

What gamers will be getting are the full copy of "inFamous: Second Son" with a collector's edition cover artwork, the Jacket Game Case, twin eagle bottle opener, an "inFamous: Second Son" collectible coin, a replica of Delsin's beanie cap and badges that are found on Delsin's in-game vest.

The exclusive Cole's Legacy mission is also included in the Collector's Edition. Here, players will get a number of missions where they can uncover what happened after "inFamous 2" and "inFamous: Second Son." Once they complete this game, they can get Cole's jacket in-game.

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