PS4 Games: Uncharted 4 Hints from Voice Actors and 2 More Confirmed Games in 2014

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Twitter seems to be the preferred way to build up excitement on Uncharted 4 as two voice actors tease hints for it. The first is Todd Stashwick who keeps on dropping "Uncharted" in various tweets that sound more like inside jokes than teases.

"Uncharted rehearsal tomorrow. My guess is things will NOT be charted. Again. I repeat, charts will remain un," said Stashwickin a tweet captured by GearNuke.

The whole idea of "charts being un" gets repeated in a retweet and another tweet from Stashwick, with "Charts stil Un #Confirmed" and "@amy_hennig [writer for Uncharted] has her doctorate in Un. She can Un-Chart like nobody. If you've seen a chart that's un.... Well.... That's Amy's handiwork."

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Apart from Stashwick's teases on Twitter, another Twitter-based hint for Uncharted 4 has appeared.

Motoring Crunch reports that images that are supposedly from Uncharted 4 has been uploaded by another voice actor, this time coming from Troy Barker. According to the report, the image was one of a Mo-Cap Helmet with the caption "Picture Wrap. #YouWillKnowSoonEnough." While it may also be a nod to other projects, which include Batman: Arkham Origins, it was enough to create quite a buzz online.

What do you think? Should the speculations begin?

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More games headed for PS4, 2 confirmed

Sony is on a roll with the PS4 as it aims to entice fans with more games coming in 2014. A recent report from GameSpot has confirmed that two more games will be joining the roster for Sony's next-gen console, with one of them even debuting in early 2014.

According to the source, Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley has confirmed that Everquest Next, the free-to-play sandbox MMO, will debut on the PS4.

"We will absolutely be bringing EQN to the PlayStation 4!" said Smedly over at AMA Reddit as quoted by GameSpot. Though this is a pretty different statement from what was mentioned before-wherein EverQuest Next will focus on PC-it is a pretty good confirmation nevertheless.

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And if that's not enough, you can also expect PlanetSide 2 to debut on the PS4. The better news is that this will come earlier, slated for release on the PS4 in less than six months from now.

There are only two more details mentioned for PlanetSide 2. The first is that pricing may take into consideration the input from the EverQuest Next Landmark community feedback. And the second, even cooler bit of news is that it may support Oculus Rift.

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