PS4 Games News: 'The Order: 1886' Touchpad Controls, Heightened Terror with 'Daylight' and 'Towerfall: Ascension' Coming

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It seems that a new insider NeoGAF user who goes by the name of Shinobi602 has revealed new insight and interesting information related to "The Order: 1886." One of these is that E3 2014 will be a good event to expect a lot of revelations, starting with more gameplay and glimpses of "The Order: 1886."

"Nice vertical gameplay slice, should showcase the destruction/physics. So many aspects they haven't shown yet," said Shinobi602, as quoted by DualShockers.

*The newest snapshot for "Minecraft" is already out: Check out the change log here.

When the newest trailer was released earlier this week, some people were evidently disappointed as to what appears to be a lack of gameplay demonstrations. While developer Ready at Dawn has already stated that the game is focused on its cinematic quality enough for it to decide on a 30 FPS running quality, the fact that some people still have not yet seen what they will be doing in the game is a bit worrisome.

Another interesting addition to the mechanics in the game comes from Push Square, which reports that the unique aspect to "The Order: 1886" comes from the use of Morse code in the game.

The source states that the touchpad will be utilised for this function and that one of the uses seen in the actual game is when the Morse code was used to signal zeppelins in the game. This can hint to possible air backup during fight scenes, though nothing has been confirmed yet at this point.

'Towerfall: Ascension' is Coming to the PS4

Game developer at Matt Makes Games Inc.'s Matt Thorson has announced over at the PlayStation Blog the release date for "Towerfall: Ascension," a four-player archery party game.

(Credit: YouTube/HojjoshMC)

"I'm super excited to announce that the game will be available on PlayStation Store March 11th in North America. We're still ironing out the details for Europe, but it shouldn't be far behind," said Mr Thorson.

This game features combats and comebacks, where it would be a lot more fun when friends and enemies are around to play it with. For "Towerfall: Ascension," gamers can expect 50 new Versus arenas, 120 unique levels, new power-ups and new variants for customisation. There is also a 1- or 2-player coop Quest mode, where gamers will face monsters and explore new content for themselves on single-player mode.

'Daylight' Puts Scares on Stream

April will welcome in the release of "Daylight" from Zombie Studios onto the PS4 platform, and this new game will have a unique way of sharing terror with viewers.

*There is proof that "Titanfall's" beta is already plagued with cheaters: Check out a video here.

Over at PlayStation Blog Europe, it was reported that the streaming technology which is fast becoming the in-thing with the PS4 will be fully taken advantage of for "Daylight," the survival horror that has nothing to do about fighting evil and all about running away from it.

What is even more exciting about "Daylight" is that it makes use of procedurally generated play, meaning no two experiences will be alike---making the streaming experience a much more significant tool, since players will never be expecting the same scare in the same place.

The way Zombie Studios sees the experience is to allow the gamers to control the actual scares in the streamer's experience for a more dynamic platform, so this should be an interesting take on survival horror games.

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