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With the free multiplayer for Killzone: Shadow Fall already in full effect, developer Guerrilla Games has released some good news, this time about the new DLC and maps for the PS4 exclusive title.

"We are very excited to announce the details to Killzone: Shadow Fall's first multiplayer expansion: The Insurgent Pack," said Samrat Sharma, senior online producer at Guerrilla Games to the PlayStation Blog. "The expansion pack is full of exciting new features for multiplayer including a brand new Character Class, 3 new abilities, 3 new weapons and 2 new game modes."

The Insurgent has two abilities, Hack and Steal, where you will first start with nothing but a pistol and your wits. But the arsenal is just waiting to be filled as you make use of the two unique abilities to put the odds to his favor.

There are also 3 new abilities, the E-Pulse emitter to give enemy units a hard time installing automata, the Tactical Echo emitter that makes an area harder to infiltrate by hidden enemies, and the Guard Drone where a buddy drone is deployed to one place to guard from a ground level.

The weapons include the M82, the L512 SMG Pistol, and Sta14 Rifle, while you have the Elite Mode with hits nightmare difficulty. Personalization is also possible as you have the 1 OWL Skin, the Voice over pack, and 3 Spotlight moves.

But if April is too long of a wait for you, the developer has another surprise-two free maps are already available at the PlayStation Store. The two maps are just the first slew of free maps, and they are compatible with the game's Custom Warzone Feature.

You have the Cruiser map where you will go through a series of passages and compartments and engage in mid-range and close combat to dominate the choke points of the area.

There's also The Hangar, located at the bay of one of Helghan's vast mining spires. To complement the previous map, this one features long-range firing and sniping with the wide-open map.

inFamous: Second Son DLC will come in the following months

There's still a fortnight before inFamous: Second Son is finally officially released on March 21, but already the developer is hard at work on the DLC expansions.

According to Videogamer, the DLC may come early, given that it's already in the development phase. After translating from Polish website, the report states that Nate Fox, game director, has stated that the developers are already on the expansion pack even before the game has arrived.

"At the moment,we are working on new content for inFamous: Second Son (PS4), which will be available in the next few months."

More will be revealed next week for The Order: 1886

The Japanese PlayStation web site has opened a new page for The Order: 1886 which features some teaser information for the game.

Spotted by DualShockers, the web site, accessible here, recaps all the specs and details known up until today about the game. But there is an additional line that says "The full picture will be revealed on March 13th."

This is an interesting tidbit as The Order: 1886 has been rolling out a number of trailers that have featured scenes and a bit of gameplay, and dev diaries explaining the history and creation of the game, but potential fans still have yet to get one that fully encapsulates the game as a whole.

Perhaps this may be the missing link that would bring the right hype and support for The Order: 1886: Either way, it's a date to mark on your calendar.

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