PS4 Comes Out a Winner for February But Titanfall May be the Xbox One’s Winning Shot

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The battle of the next-gen console PS4 and Xbox One is far from over, as eyes are now starting to turn towards the exclusive title releases for each console. But before the battle becomes solely on the games, Sony pulls a last win over the Xbox One, this time for its February sales.

But the lead for Sony's PS4 seems to have considerably lessened. TIME reports that compared to the 2-to-1 figures that were announced by Sony in terms of their lead against other next-gen consoles, February has only seen a couple of thousands lead for the PS4 units sold.

The source gives a pretty good potential reason for the decrease in sales for the PS4, and it's not because of Titanfall. TIME states that the units-sold count happened a month before Titanfall debuted, which means that the explanation may be traced to the lack of PS4 units to be easily found anywhere since December.

While the availability of units did suffer for the PS4, its six million units sold record still stands, in comparison to what had been the Xbox One's supposed three million units sold, both on a worldwide basis. Hopefully, come March, Sony has already resolved the shortage of PS4 consoles--as well as PS4 Eye cameras, something that has been an in issue time and again-so that the console wars can finally begin in the context of exclusive game releases.

It may help Sony's case that apart from the upcoming inFamous: Second Son, a number of new titles has already been announced as playables on the PS4 come GDC. Gaming Everything has the list, which includes Counterspy, Helldivers, Hohokum, Child of Light, GALAK-Z, N++, Rogue Legacy, Towerfall Ascension, and Sportsfriends.

So many games, so many indies. March is looking to be an interesting arena for the next round of next-gen console wars.

Titanfall: The Xbox One's next-gen edge?

Another reason why the difference between the sales of the PS4 and the Xbox One appeared to be considerably closer compared to previous figures may be attributed to the shiny new game, Titanfall.

It seems that Titanfall being an exclusive to the Xbox One has managed to put Microsoft's next-gen console at a better edge, at least according to a report from NowGamer.

Quoting the findings from Chart-Track, it seems that Titanfall has managed to increase the sales of Xbox one units by as much as 96% in the U.K. It helps that Titanfall is the biggest release to date for titles that were launched in 2014. This is a pretty good increase for Microsoft, regardless of the exact figures, and something that should be taken advantage of, before the PS4 exclusive inFamous: Second Son gets its own launch.

So far, inFamous: Second Son has received pretty good feedback and reception from the released screenshots and details of the game. Some are even treating it as the PS4 exclusive that can go up against Titanfall in terms of the kind of positive reception that it will be receiving at launch.

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