PS4 Australia Stocks Watch and Where to Preorder; PS4’s Blu-Ray Riddled with Problems?

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As the world waits for what Sony will be announcing for the PS4 at the CES 2014, here are some more stocks listings that those in Australia can check out.

Even though the lack of delivered PS4 stocks has not yet been resolved for a more seamless receipt of the console, Sony has already given their statement about it and asked PS4 gamers to stay put and be patient as their console will be delivered once stocks are up.

Retailers at Australia are still holding preorders, with vague dates on when the shipment can come in. For instance, Dick Smith has four shipments of the PS4 lined up. While the first three are already sold out, there is a fourth shipment that will let you get the PS4 sometime late February 2014. The preorder price for this retailer is at $548 for the PS4.

Another place to get your PS4 is Harvey Norman, which sells the PS4 at $547 and allows you to queue in your order for 2014. However, there is no definite date or even timeframe on when this will be delivered.

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The GamesMen are selling two bundles of the PS4. One costs $100 for deposit only and comes with one game of your choice as well as an extra DualShock 4 controller. A similar bundle that's not for deposit costs $739.95. Both preorders are expected to deliver sometime between January 20 and 24.

JB Hi-Fi is also accepting preorders for its third shipment, which is dated to come out early 2014. The PS4 is priced in this retailer at $548.

Lastly, EB Games Australia is also accepting preorders for its February 2014 shipment of the PS4. A new PS4 here costs $549. And while you're at it, you can also add in a DualShock 4 controller sold at $99.95 or the PS4 camera (sold in-store only) at $89.95.

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Blu-ray issues still unresolved?

As far back as December, users have already been complaining about the PS4's error code when it comes to its Blu-ray drive. The error code is dubbed CE-35485-5, and this was experienced by Redditor Disney08 but only for older Blu-ray DVDs, as the newer ones ran fine.

Aside from the previously reported software issues and errors that have been spotted for the PS4, there are also reports of the Blu-ray issues plaguing the platform.

According to Gamingbolt, a number of users are experiencing the problem, with a handful stating that this was the only problem that they have encountered when playing with the PS4.

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Such is the case of PS4 gamer Marcus Wong via his Twitter account, "After playing around with my #PS4 for over a month, the only issue I've had is with it hanging when loading up some Blu-ray movies."

There has also been a case where the DVD would be compatible with the PS3 and play like normal, but problems will arise the moment they are transferred and played on the PS4.

Another user who has had an issue with the console's Blu-ray is PS4 forums user CerberusSCo, where the PS4 had suddenly ejected a disc.

"Just switched on my PS4 to have a quick shot of Assassin's Creed IV and the PS4 spat the disc out and it won't take any disc back in. It sounds like the loading mechanics of the Blu-ray drive are knackered as it just [constantly makes] a sound as though it's trying to insert or eject a disc."

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