PS4 1.7 Firmware Updates, MP3 Playback Rumoured Coming and Details on 2 Upcoming Games

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The PS4 1.7 firmware update, supposedly slated for an April 30 release, has been teased yet again. And it seems like a number of features, new and awaited, may be coming with it.

The latest tweet from Tidux, an industry insider, as quoted by DualShockers, shows why the PS4 1.7 firmware update may be rightly anticipated by fans.

"1.7 is a major update, it's the biggest that Sony has ever made. Features and size wise."

To give an even better picture, the report states that the PS4 1.7 firmware update may even be comparable to the 1.5 patch worth 308 MB with critical features. It would be great to hear the updates and the expected new features straight from Sony, because for now, all of these are pretty much rumours until confirmed. But Tidux has a pretty good track record as far as PS4 leaks are concerned.

Another bit of update for the PS4 involves the playback support for the MP3, which is considered as one of the awaited features for Sony's next-gen console. GameSpot reports that this feature seems to have been teased by none other than Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Worldwide Studios president, on his PSN profile.

While it's tempting to see this as the possible feature--and even more, for it to be coming by the release date of the PS4 1.7 firmware update, there is also the possibility that the profile picture, which depicts a Music Player Demo, may have been related to Bungie's Destiny game.

Sportsfriends coming this May

Sportsfriends, the brainchild of four game developers who took the project to Kickstarter, is finally launching on the PS4 and PS3 this May 6.

This was announced over at the PlayStation Blog, alongside the details for the PS4 and PS3 versions.

Sportsfriends is basically a compendium of four local multiplayer games, namely Johann Sebastian Joust, BaraBariBall, Super Pole Riders and Hokra. The game also has a number of modes and gameplay settings, and for the last of the four games, you can even build and save your own Hokra arenas.

Those who have the PlayStation Move controller can even make use of it for the Johann Sebastian Joust. There are particular features for the PS4 and PS3. The former allows JS Joust play up to four players while also using the speaker and LED of the DualShock 4. The PS3 version can allow up to seven players for the JS Joust, as well as loading your own music files into the game.

Owners of the two consoles can choose to buy just the PS3 and you'll immediately have download access to the PS4 version for free.

Sportsfriends costs $14.99, and if you want to see the fun games, you can check out the trailer below.

Sportsfriends on the PS4 and PS3 trailer (via YouTube/PlayStation)

Lords of the Fallen: A worthy challenge

If you're looking for quite the challenging game that's worth sticking with until the end, Lords of the Fallen is potentially The Game. Coming on the PS4 this fall, this title from CI Games is looking at the merging of mainstream and core players, with a highlight on the narrative.

"We decided that if there's a main feature of Lords of the Fallen that will be complex and challenging, the rest should be more or less streamlined. I'm not trying to say that we dumbed down anything," said Lords of the Fallen executive producer Tomasz Gop over at the PlayStation Blog.

"I believe that the team behind Lords of the Fallen on PS4 is after something that will narrow the gap between mainstream and core players. One bit at a time, that is."

Between cinema-like scenes, audio memoirs for introducing the world of the game, and sub-systems in the combat system, it's a game that would be a new experience for long-time gamers, but also a good game for those who are just picking up thePS4 console for the first time.

So far, parts of Lords of the Fallen have already been revealed, but it would be interesting for the gameplay to be showcased at the E3 2014, if the title is targeting a fall release date.

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