Protest for Bieber Moving to Atlanta, a Hoax from Atlanta Radio Station

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Justin Bieber
Pop singer Justin Bieber appears via video conference in his first court appearance after being arrested on a drunk driving charge in Miami, Florida in this file photo taken January 23, 2014. Bieber, who racked up charges in two cities in the span of a week, would be wise to use provocative songstress Miley Cyrus as his guide to navigate the transition from teen pop stardom to a serious adult career, branding and celebrity crisis experts said. REUTERS/Walter Michot

The much publicized Pop star, Justin Bieber, has earlier announced that he is moving to Atlanta with plans to further his career in hip hop. However, this move has become controversial as homeowners were planning to prevent the move of the 19-year-old singer into their neighbourhood. The scandals that Bieber has been linked with are the reasons why Buckhead residents are not in favour of the Pop star moving in to the posh neighbourhood.

The said protest was posted in Facebook and more than 250 individuals have already listed for the event that is scheduled at 6:00 AM in Monday, as reported by NY Daily News. The parents are concerned that Bieber will put their children at risk because of the lifestyle of the artist. The neighbourhood houses some of the rich and influential people of Atlanta, although there are many celebrities living on this side of the street, only Bieber has caused this much attention from the residents.

Driving under the influence and the egging incident back in Los Angeles has gone viral and there are pending cases against the young Pop star. The protest has gained much attention and has been featured in several news reports, however it may be a hoax.

The alleged protest was posted by Rock 100.5's "The Regular Guys" show and was clarified by Steve Rickman in an interview with E! News, the host stated that the protesters were only interns of the said rock station. The protest was merely a prank from the show and it is even posted in their site. Several news channels like CNN, Time, and The Guardian have reported and followed the fictional protest. Many other online sites have also picked up the news and made it headlines.

"The Regular Guys" airs every morning from 5:30 to 9 AM. It only shows how the news about the "Baby" singer gets viral fast and everyone has their eyes on his every move. Currently, the Bieber is renting the mansion of rap mogul Dallas Austin in the exclusive and posh neighbourhood and seems to be enjoying his time in Atlanta. He is currently working on his new album while looking for a property to move in to.

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