Prostitutes From All Over the World to Fly to Brazil for World Cup, but the Government Ardent to Discourage Sex Jobs

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A group of prostitutes from all over the world are reportedly getting ready to fly to Brazil to sell sex and pleasure in anticipation of the many soccer fans who will be travelling to the host nation to watch the 2014 World Cup games. With barely a month the World Cup games kick off, the prostitutes are making sure that they take advantage of the big event to earn extra cash.

Prostitutes from the U.S. and the Netherlands are headed south for the World Cup to entertain more than half a million international soccer fans who will be travelling to Brazil to watch the games, TMZ Sports reported. The entertainment news Web site has spoken to sex workers from both the countries mentioned. The prostitutes said they were "excited for the trip."

Prostitution is legal in Brazil, but the government reportedly would actively monitor the sex tourism, especially for underage sex workers, in their country during the World Cup.

Adriana de Morais, who works for the local child protection unit, rounds the clubs and bars of one of the host World Cup cities, Natal. Morais is joined by her team and part of their duty is to get minor sex works "off the streets." As the World Cup draws nearer, Morais and the authorities are perturbed and bothered that the prostitution will be particularly high.

"It's a singular event that brings many people from outside, and we really worry about sexual tourism," Morais told AFP, as reported by

Thus, anyone who is interested and looking to engage in a sexual activity with a prostitute during the World Cup must ensure that they are only doing the act with sex workers who are of legal age. "Every tourist who arrives in Brazil will know that the exploitation of children and juveniles is a crime," said Adelino Neto, head of child protection at the Tourism Ministry.

The fleeting flora of prostitution in the streets of Brazil is something that the government doesn't want to buoy up and encourage, even though sex work is legal there.

"Brazil is happy to welcome tourists who arrive for the World Cup but also ready to combat sexual tourism," leftist Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff wrote on Twitter.


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