‘Promposal’ Video: Disney Star Allie DeBerry Says Yes, Senior Gets a Prom Date

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Source: YouTube/JH4NG

Regular guy just hit a sash, or probably even a crown! On March 20, Justin Hang posted a five-minute video on YouTube asking Disney star Allie DeBerry to be his date at the prom, and fourteen days later the guy got his wish.

The video was titled "Allie DeBerry Promposal Vlog! 2014" proclaiming Hang's wish to be with the Disney star on May 3 prom at Fenton High School in the state of Michigan in the U.S. The 18-year-old senior posted the video on Twitter and got a reply from DeBerry saying that if Hang got 1,500 retweets, the actress will join him to the prom.

"It's all super overwhelming," Hang told MLive.com during an interview. "When I hit 1,000, I was contacted by Ryan Seacrest and I was like, 'Is this real life right now?'"

Hang made it through. With the help of Ryan Seacrest's radio show "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" more people got to know the 18-year-old senior and his celebrity dream date.

According to the report, even before Hang shoot the promposal video, he and DeBerry already made contact through Instagram. Hang edited an image that put him and the actress, who is known for her role on Disney Channel's A.N.T. Farm, into online communication starting 2013.

The images were reported to be just a joke but Michigan senior revealed that DeBerry liked the images so he kept sending her more. But since Fenton High School is about to hold a prom on May 3, Hang finally decided to make a video and send it to DeBerry. Now with over 1,500 retweets and hundreds of favorites, DeBerry made true to her promise on Twitter and is most likely about to go out and pick out her dress.

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