Project Spark Board Game Team Dakota 'Always Offline'

By @binibiningkd on

Project Spark has proven to be many things - from epic RPGs to Linkin Park music videos to beer commercials. Currently, Project Spark takes the game further than the limits of your TV screen.

Team Dakota announced via Tumblr that Project Spark board game is coming with all the elements that made the Xbox One game a hit with fans. Similar to the video game, the Project Spark board game appears easy to learn but may be difficult to master.

Here are the board game details courtesy of Project Spark Tumblr:

1.Project Spark board game marker mode allows users to choose the board color and put life into the cards. There is a wide array of colors to choose from to have the widest range of creative expression.

2. Scissor mode allows users to shape characters, terrain, cards and weapons.

3. Brain mode gives users option to make its own game rules with plain-spoken language crafted to the personal preferences.

Project Spark board game is still under development so tweaks are expected before its official release date, which is expected to happen sometime this holiday season.

"The digital version of Project Spark really showed us the power of working directly with the community and using their feedback to improve the game. It worked so well, that it quickly became clear that Team Dakota, ourselves, were the bottleneck that created the only limit to what could be accomplished,"

Mike Lescault, Team Dakota's community manager, said, "With PS:TBG, we've taken the innovative step of removing ourselves from the equation and letting our players directly create the board game they want to play."

"The days of being a software company are behind us, and we need to continually look ahead to keep pace with today's evolving consumer marketplace," Michael Wolf, Project Spark marketing manager, said.

"With the rapid growth of online and mobile gaming, it's become clear the future of interactive entertainment is going to be where people want it most; in their homes. We'll be in kitchens, on cafeteria tables, in coffee shops, and possibly even the living room floor. This is the future and we're very excited to be part of it."

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