Progress with PS4’s Project Morpheus and Updates on the PlayStation Now Beta Pricing

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Playstation And Xbox Booths At The 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) In Los Angeles
IN PHOTO: People walk past the Playstation and Xbox booths at the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, in Los Angeles, California June 10, 2014. Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn

Sony's PlayStation Now is still on beta mode, but what should be the PS4's edge in backwards compatibility with a catalogue of games may actually not be the solution gamers were looking for.

VR-Zone reports that gamers who are currently taking part in the PlayStation Now beta has leaked crucial information regarding the pricing of game rentals, and it looks like a lot of players won't be happy about it.

A snapshot of "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" featured in the report shows four different rental schedules with their respective fees, as listed below:

- 4 Hours: $4.99

- 7 Days: $6.99

- 30 Days: $14.99

- 90 Days: $29.99

The prices do appear unreasonable, if one considers how much games are sold nowadays. The term "rental" also connotes that you will not own the copy, but rather have to play it for the time that you paid for it, with the possibility of losing access to the game very much open.

Since this is still a closed beta for the PlayStation Now, changes to the pricing system may still change in the actual beta, but it would be good for Sony to start rethinking the price tags that they came up with.

Judging from the rather violent reaction in the community, Sony would prove its position of listening to the feedback of the people by adjusting their rates accordingly.

A Hands-on with Project Morpheus

Apart from games, Sony also featured its very own virtual reality device, the Project Morpheus on the floor of the E3 2014, which basically says a lot about the progress that the headset has achieved.

Digital Spy reports that there were two demos that featured the capabilities of Project Morpheus--"Street Luge," which let players control the game with just their head and while lying down, and "EVE Valkyrie," a space game.

As far as the two games held out with the Project Morpheus, the PS4 exclusive VR device has made leaps from when it was first introduced. Though comparisons with its closest rival, the Oculus Rift, have been made, the source states that handling the technology and the immersive 1080p display does put it at a good spot this far into the development.

Admittedly, it seems that the PS4's Project Morpheus is far from being an up and coming device that players can immediately use with their next-gen console, but developers are looking into making use of it in some way.

Eurogamer reports that even "Mirror's Edge 2" developers have been looking into the possibility, though successful attempts without the feared motion sickness are still yet to be achieved.

"Naturally, it would be great if we could have that support for 'Mirror's Edge,' but it would never become a mass market thing," said Karl-Magnus Troedsson to Eurogamer. "You have vertigo and first-person movement. How many people of the population out there wouldn't throw up when they played that?"

This does not mean that DICE has stopped looking for ways to develop their games with virtual reality in mind, as research teams are still conducting research on VR for its titles.

PlayStation Now Trailer (via YouTube/GamesHQMedia)

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