More Australians using Skype to Communicate

Galaxy Research survey reveals the changing nature of communications in Australia

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January 30, 2010 5:31 AM EST

SYDNEY, January 29, 2010, Skype, the leading global internet communications company, inpartnership with Australian market research company, Galaxy Research, todayannounced research findings into how Australians are changing the way theycommunicate.


The online survey, conducted in January 2010, focusedon identifying how Australians chose to communicate with their family andfriends over the recent Christmas and New Year holiday period.


Second only to sitting down with their family overChristmas lunch or sipping bubbly with their friends over New Year’s, thesurvey results revealed that many Australians see communication platforms suchas Skype as the next best thing to bringing family and friends together duringthe holiday season. Among those that used Skype over the holiday period, 78 percent used the software to wish their family and friends a “Merry Christmas”,and 55 per cent used Skype to wish their loved ones a “Happy New Year”.

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The most popular feature over the holiday was SkypeVideo which enables users to see and speak to their loved ones during thisspecial time.


In addition to using Skype as the next best thing tobeing there in person, 44 per cent of Skype subscribers used Skype this holidayseason to cut back on the high costs associated with long distance andinternational phone calls.


“Theresults from this survey illustrate that Australians are looking for highquality, cost effective ways to communicate with their loved ones duringspecial times,” said Dan Neary, Vice President and General Manager for Skype,Asia Pacific. “Skype’s high quality voice and video calls have become anessential communication tool for Australians, and as internet access and speedimproves across the country these statistics are likely to further increase”. 


The survey also revealed that greater numbers ofAustralians are using Skype more frequently since the previous holiday period,largely due to greater awareness of Skype’s offerings. Future developments,including the National Broadband Network (NBN) that will begin to roll outacross Australia by the Government throughout 2010, are likely to furtherincrease the appeal of online communication tools such as Skype.


These results have similarly been seen at global level- . In a TeleGeography* survey announced globally last week, it was revealedthat the growth of international telephone traffic has slowed in the past twoyears, while Skype'straffic has soared. Skype's on-net traffic (between two Skype users) grew 51per cent in 2008, and is projected to grow 63 per cent in 2009, to 54 billionminutes.


AdditionalGalaxy Research Findings:

·Skype video call isthe most popular Skype feature used, with around a half of all subscribershaving used Skype video to call colleagues, friends or family.

·84 per cent of Skypeusers in Australia reported similar or increased usage of Skype this holidayperiod over the same period last year.

·The first people tobe contacted on New Year’s were typically family members (76 per cent). Friendsaccounted for 19 per cent of Happy New Years Skype calls andboyfriends/girlfriends just 4 per cent.

·While email is thefavourite way to keep in touch with friends and relatives, mobile phones arepopular (25 per cent of respondents rated this their favourite way to keep intouch), followed by Facebook (19 per cent ) and Skype (17 per cent).

·The sample for thestudy was 1010 Skype users, distributed throughout Australia including bothcapital city and non-capital city areas.





About Skype

Skype is software that enables the world’s conversations. Millions ofindividuals and businesses use Skype to make free video and voice calls, sendinstant messages and share files with other Skype users. Everyday, peopleeverywhere also use Skype to make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles.Download Skype to your computer or mobile phone at


AboutGalaxy Research

Galaxy Research is an independent marketing research and opinion pollingcompany.  Since being established in 2004, Galaxy has become a leadingpolling organisation and thought leader in Australia. For more information please see






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