Princess Diana's Gravesite Algae-Infested, Earl Spencer Reportedly To Blame

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The Temple Commemorating Diana, Princess Of Wales, Is Reflected In The Lake Of Her Family Home At Althorp, Near Northampton.
The temple commemorating Diana, Princess of Wales, is reflected in the lake of her family home at Althorp, near Northampton on June 28, 2001. Reuters

The final resting place of the late Princess Diana on an island in Althorp in Northamptonshire is said to be surrounded by algae. A former palace chef claimed her brother, Earl Spencer is reportedly to blame for leaving the gravesite unattended.

According to The Sunday Express, Darren McGrady, former chef to Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth, is accusing Earl Spencer and the Althorp Estate for allowing algae to grow on the lake surrounding Diana's gravesite. His Twitter account showed a series of posts said to be his complaints about the state of the late princess' burial site. McGrady even added a photo proving his claim of the algae covering the gravesite with the caption

"Sad to see Earl Spencer @AlthorpEstate has neglected Princess Dianas resting place#ProveYouDidntWantHerForTheMoney." The Express adds moss has also grown around some parts of the memorial's walls.

Then on Aug. 14 he tweeted another photo with the caption "If I cared for Princess Diana in life like are doing in death I would have been fired @AlthorpEstate #CleanTheLake."

Earl Spencer reportedly declined to comment on McGrady's accusations. But according to the site, a spokesman for Althorp claimed "algae is [sic] an unsightly problem for many lakes in the summer months."

"Althorp employs contractors to deal with what is a highly invasive and fast growing weed on a regular basis and the Althorp gardeners also tackle it as part of their summer programme," the spokesman said.

"The exceptional temperatures of this summer have made the task of keeping it entirely under control extremely difficult," the spokesman added.

According to Inquisitr, Princess Diana's death reportedly made Earl Spencer rich. Since her death in 1997, visitors from all over the world would pay to visit the ancestral Althorp estate every two months. The Express adds that guests would pay £18 (around $30) just to enter and see the island where Diana's memorial lies and to leave flowers at a well-maintained shrine built for the late princess.

Inquisitr claims Earl Spencer has reportedly been accused of only pretending to really love his sister for the media's sake. The siblings were said to be not in good terms with each other.

Darren McGrady spent 11 years working for Queen Elizabeth in the Buckingham Palace, The Sunday Express reports. According to NY Daily News, he moved to Kensington Palace in 1993 to work as Princess Diana's private chef until her death on Aug. 31, 1997. He now lives in Dallas, Texas and is famous for his cooking and TV appearances where he talks about the favourite recipes of the Royal family.

The Sunday Express claims Darren McGrady refused to give any comment to his tweets after the publication contacted his agent in the U.S. The site adds his complaints come days before the 17th anniversary of Princess Diana's death in Paris.

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