Princess Diana Factor -- Cressida Bonas Another Princess Di and Chelsy Davy Another Camilla?

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As news of Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry's engagement still making the rounds online, fans of the royals are saying Cressida Bonas will be another Princess Diana. With Cressida Bonas's aristocrat background much like that of Diana, Princess of Wales, the two are now likened to each other. According to E! Cressida Bonas has the "Princess Diana Factor".

Diana, dubbed as the people's princess, was relatable, fans say. She wore jeans when it was still too risqué to do so while Cressida Bonas wears whatever she likes. Bonas is also reportedly fond of going late-night clubbing and loves adventure much like Prince Harry's late mother.

While being compared to the late Diana, Princess of Wales is deemed as a huge compliment, fans of British Royalty are saying that the comparison is because of Prince Harry's former flame Chelsy Davy. The prince reportedly wrote in a letter addressed to one of his friends that Davy is the love of his life.

Biographer Gyles Brandeth made it known that Camilla and Charles dated before Charles married Lady Diana Spencer. He said that their relationship was common knowledge in the Prince's social circle. But Brandeth adds that Prince Charles's relationship with Camilla Shand was put on hold in the early part of 1973 when the prince joined the Royal Navy. The relationship officially ended when Camilla Shand married Andrew Parker Bowles.

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In the 2008 book of Robert Lacey titled "Royal: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II," Lacey wrote that Camilla and Charles met too early and that Charles reportedly did not ask Camilla Shand to wait.

Rumours swirled in the social circle of Prince Charles at the time that the Queen did not want the prince to marry Camilla Shand. In her book "Diana," Sarah Bradford wrote that Lord Mountbatten arranged for the prince to be deployed overseas to end his relationship with Ms Shand.

According to Bradford, it was to make way for Amanda Knatchbull and Prince Charles to marry. Other sources suggest that the Queen Mother did not want Camilla because Alice Keppel, one of the mistresses of King Edward VII is Camilla's great-grandmother. The Queen Mother reportedly wanted one of the Spencers, granddaughters of Lady Fermoy to join the firm.

Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. They divorced in 1996.

With this background on Camilla and Diana, fans of the royals are now saying that Cressida Bonas may turn out to be another Princess Diana. An insider also reveals that Prince Harry is still "holding a torch for Zimbabwe-born Chelsy Davy."

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