Prince William, Kate Middleton return to “St. Andrews” -- where their romance all began [PHOTOS]

Little did both know that bumping into each other at the older and smaller halls of residence at Sallies will lead them to walk the aisle, hand in hand at London’s historic Westminster Abbey on April 29.
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No longer a teenager in jeans and his jacket and a 19-year old country girl, both Prince William and his future bride, Kate Middleton return to the “scene of the crime” - - University of St. Andrews - - to mark its 600th anniversary.

Kate came in vibrant red as she visited the place where she found her prince almost a decade ago. She walked hand in hand with the future King, in many corners of the university in a small town of Fife, Scotland.

This is where memories had been made when they met as freshmen in many of the Art History classes they shared together. And as the couple go around the university, they were greeted by well-wishers who have showered them with prayers that more memories be made as they make their lives together as a Royal couple. And one of St. Andrews’ halls of residence, St. Salvador’s Hall or Sallies as students fondly call it, started it all.

She was just an ordinary girl who grew up in Chapel Row at Bucklebury, Berkshire, England. He is second in the line of Royal succession; the Britain’s future king who, next to his father could be crowned to the thrones of 16 independent states. But both wanted to study History of Art as they set foot at Scotland’s oldest university, The University of St. Andrews. And in one of the corners of the university in Fife, Scotland, Prince William saw the good in Kate Middleton to be his Royal bride and the United Kingdom’s future princess.

Prince Wills and Kate started as good friends as they lived just few doors apart at one of St. Andrew’s halls of residence, the St. Salvador’s Hall, or popularly known as “Sallies” by the students. Sallies is described as an ‘old hall with a wood-panelled dining room and bedrooms with sea views’. For Prince William he had better views when he met his future bride, albeit unknowingly.

Little did both know that bumping into each other at the older and smaller halls of residence at Sallies will lead them to walk the aisle, hand in hand at London’s historic Westminster Abbey on April 29.

Since both Wills and Kate were taking Art History, they were also classmates in a number of subjects during their freshmen year, before the future King decided to shift to Geography.

And things have changed from mere good friends shortly after they decided to stay outside Sallies’ halls.

At the beginning of their second year, Prince William and Kate Middleton had reportedly shared a flat with two other friends. Kate Middleton was dating another student in her sophomore year at St. Andrews.

Though no official date has been provided, it is believed that Prince William and Kate began dating romantically when they moved to a cottage outside town.They shared a flat with two friends at the start of their second year. At the time, Middleton was dating another student.

The following year, William and Kate moved with their friends to a cottage outside the town of Fife, Scotland and it is believed that’s when their friendship blossomed to royal romance.

It was late 2003 when the news broke out at St. Andrews university that Prince William and Kate Middleton were going out as a couple.

Both graduated in 2005 and had a falling out in 2007 until they rekindled their romance a year later.

Known as "Britain's top matchmaking university", St. Andrews did it again and not just an ordinary couple but one that involved a future King and his lovely wife.

"This university claims it has the most student marriages of any university in Great Britain. My theory is, this is such a small town that there really isn't anything else to do but fall in love," described CNN royal contributor, Mark Saunders.

Just about seven years after they began going out as a romantic couple, the Buckingham Palace announced the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton in December 2010. And in just a few days, the much-anticipated Royal wedding of the century will be viewed by billions of people around the world.

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