Prince William, Kate Middleton Return to St. Andrews University for Fundraiser, Recall Young Love [PHOTOS]

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took a trip down memory lane as they visited their alma mater, St. Andrew's University for a fundraiser.

Before Prince William and Kate Middleton became the world's most-watched royal couple, they were college students in-love. And before they attended high profile events and political gatherings, they walked down the halls of St. Andrews University. The two made a splash at the prestigious academic institution on Nov. 8, where they attended a dinner at London's Middle Templ, sponsored by St Andrews for their 600th Anniversary charity appeal.

It was in 2001 to 2005 where the two spent t their college years in the University, and during  that time, Prince William saw Kate walking down the runway in a charity fashion event and fell in love with her for the first time.

The Duke spoke to the crowd of the evening, re-telling memories and the good times he and his wife had while they were studying in the University.

"Tonight is very special for Catherine and me. It brings together two institutions that are dear to us: our alma mater, St Andrews University, and Middle Temple, our hosts here tonight." said the Duke in his speech.

"First of all, we have been privileged to receive the best university educations. Secondly, we all love St Andrews. We love it for the academic start in life it gave us."

"We love it for its traditions - traditions that lie at the very heart of Scotland's history. We love it because it made us look beyond St Andrews, beyond the borders of Scotland, to the wide world. But perhaps most important of all, we love it for the friendships it has given us." added the Prince.

"As I look around this hall tonight - and even take a peek at the person sitting three from my left (Kate) - I thank God for those friendships - our friendship - forged in our ancient halls."

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