Prince William Horrible New Portrait Revealed, Twitter Reactions

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Dubbed as the "worst portrait ever," Prince William's new portrait created a lot of buzz when it was unveiled at Gwydyr House on Wednesday, July 2. Unveiled by artist Dan Llywelyn Hall, the alleged "horrible" portrait called "Fatherhood" is said to depict the prince's role as a father to Prince George.

"Fatherhood is a portrait about a universal theme: the concerns, hopes and aspirations of a family man," said Hall during the unveiling of the portrait.

"The result was... uh, I don't know how to say this nicely, so I'll just say it - horrible," Celebdirty Laundry reports. "The 'portrait' looked like a ten year old experimenting with watercolors and drawing his dad's face with a bunch of finger paint."

The oil painting features the Duke of Cambridge in a suit with a poppy in his lapel and it is scheduled to be auctioned on Oct. 31, with all proceeds going to The Victoria Cross Trust and War Memorial Trust. Hall's unveiling of his masterpiece coincides with the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1.

Not his first royal painting, Hall made the Queen's portrait last year, and just like William's portrait the painting was widely slammed. Based on some experts, William's portrait is way worse than the Queen's and worse than Kate's Portrait of Dorian Gray-looking Ghost Duchess from a few years ago, reports Celebitchy.

"Some of the planes of the face are in different places," said former editor of the Art Review, David Lee, in an interview with UK Express posted on Today. "The head is not developed as a volume which is what good drawers do... But these days it is what one expects, one just goes from bad to worse and I'm afraid the days of really great royal painters is well over."

More amused than concerned regarding the painting's criticisms, Hall revealed that he is indifferent to other people's opinion. "When a work is complete I discard it like a used condom," said the 33-year-old painter. "I am satisfied with the result and am pleased to let it go out to the world and make a life for itself. When I am working on a painting I live with it for many months: every nuance is considered, fault-line examined and if necessary exaggerated and contorted to present the world with a vision."

Here are some of the Twitter reactions of Prince William's new portrait.

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