Prince Harry's Ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas Takes the Stage and Makes Acting Debut

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Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas may finally be taking a page out of Kate Middleton's book by taking her life by the reigns and becoming productive and active instead of sulking after splitting with her royal Beau. Last week, Cressida kicked off her acting career by appearing on stage in a play at the Hay-on-Wye Festival.

It may be remembered that during a brief hiatus from her relationship with Prince William, Kate Middleton was also seen up and about taking control of her life and even joining rowing competitions and other activities. The Prince eventually came back and a few years later, Kate is the Duchess of Cambridge with a young son who is an heir to the British throne.

Whether or not Cressida Bonas still wants to get back together with William's younger brother Harry, she is at least making a name for herself. Bonas has been cast in the role of Wolf, only a minor role in the play entitled "There's A Monster In The Lake." The play is described as a "wild and fantastical story about defying old age" in a page dedicated to seeking funds for the play in the crowd sourcing Web site kickstarter.

Despite the showing being a one-off at the festival, those who missed it can get more chances to see Cressida on stage as the play is slated for more regular screenings starting late July this time in London at the Rosemary Branch Theatre.

The play is being directed by Talullah Brown and was premiered in a single showing during the How The Light Gets In Festival which is an alternative part of the Hay-on-Wye Festival held in Wales. How the Light Gets In is described as a philosophy and music festival but it features over 500 events including film screenings, comedy nights and live performances such as the play where Cressida Bonas appeared in.

While the play is set to go in full swing, Cressida has more on her plate as she was also cast in her first big screen role with Cara Delevingne and seasoned actors Judi Dench and Christoph Waltz in the period flick Tulip Fever.

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