Prince Harry Will Be Bald by 40, Predicts British Hair Loss Expert [PHOTOS]


It seems Prince Harry is following the footsteps of his elder brother Prince William and father Prince Charles on hair loss!

In quite a couple of photos from the press on his recent trip to Africa, it was evident that the 28-year-old is losing some hair around his crown.

We supposed that the balding could have been brought on by stress from all the media frenzy surrounding his personal life, but it looks like that isn't the case.

The ginger-haired royal's transplant surgeon Dr. Asim Shahmalak told The Daily Express, "It is clear that Harry is thinning around the crown area. It is the first signs of the male pattern baldness which has affected both his brother and his father... This is hardly a big surprise especially when it runs in the family as it does for the Windsors."

Predicting the future of Prince Harry's mane from patterns of all the males in his family, Dr. Shahmalak expects Harry to be having "a significant bald patch" by the time he's 40. The hair loss expert also told the UK newspaper that the 28-year-old's only treatment options are hair transplant, medication, or a mousse applied to the thinning areas.

This prospect is actually better than Brother Prince William's, considering age 40 will be the beginning of his "significant bald patch," while William's hair fortune by the time he's 40 is a "completely bald" head.

Despite this devastating news, we still think Harry's a charming prince, and a balding head won't be of much matter to his charisma.

This surely won't affect his long-standing top slot on the international eligible bachelors list, with the countless young ladies vying for his affection. Plus, the baldness seems to have had no effect to lady magnets William and Charles in the romance department, so it is not impossible that Harry would have the same case.

Besides, he could always cover that bald spot with a crown anytime.

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