Prince Harry: Takes Walking With The Wounded Charity South Pole Challenge ( WithVideo)

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Tuesday, Nuneaton, England, Prince Harry endures the freezing cold temperature to get ready for Walking With The Wounded Charity South Pole Challenge. The 29-year old royal spent the entire night camping in an artificial ice chamber as he battles for a freezing 35 degrees below zero temperature, with a wind speed of 45 miles per hour.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

The young prince will face this harsh condition when he treks to the South Pole in November, and the exercise is one of the simulation to get himself ready for the challenge. He will be racing with the team of injured British servicemen and women against groups from the United States and the Commonwealth.

This noble charity event will raise money to fund the wounded, injured and sick, and assisting them to find a career outside the Military. The charity is also held to raise awareness, to show the wounded and their story of survival and bravery, and to highlight the support they need.

Harry will be competing alongside four teammates - all amputees who lost limbs after sustaining injuries in Afghanistan. The prince team includes Captain Ibrar Ali, a 36-year old who lost his right arm from a bomb explosion in 2007; and Major Kate Philp, a 35-year old who lost her left leg in 2008 after her vehicle hit an explosive in Afghanistan.

The exercise is also to test the clothes they are wearing on the 200-mile (320 kilometers) expedition and to learned hot to avoid frost bite. When asked Tuesday what the worst part of his overnight experience was, Harry joked: "Going in."

When asked about how it feels to race with the prince, Philp says to the Guardian, "It's great having Harry along, and hopefully he appreciates it too. It's a chance not just for him to experience all the practical stuff that we've just done as well, but for us to get together as a team and start to get to know each other better."

The challenge is set to begin in late November and the expedition is expected to last about 15 days where they have to trek 9 to 12 miles a day. Other stars who are in the challenge includes "True Blood" Alexander Skarsgard and "The Wire's" Dominic West. 

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