Prince Harry is Still Not Over Cressida Bonas: Couple Had a Secret Reunion

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Prince Harry might be next in line for the throne but the royal is still queuing up for his ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas. According to a report by Mirror UK, the prince is apparently still head over heels for his model and dancer girlfriend Cressida Bonas, 25.

After being two years together, the couple head separate ways just three weeks ago, as Harry,28, was said to have found Bonas "too needy." Meanwhile, the Daily Mail revealed that the media frenzy that surrounded the two took a toll on the relationship.

Now, according to Daily Mail, Cressida Bonas allegedly visited the prince at his apartment in Kensington Palace to "talk about their future and that he wants to give their relationship another try."

"They have been in constant touch since they broke up and she has now met up with him." A friend revealed to Daily Mail. "It's all very amicable and no one is ruling out that they will get back together, but Cressida hasn't made her mind up and the ball is really in her court." The source further revealed.

The two-year relationship between the two was not all rosy. It can be remembered that Prince Harry rocked the headlines when he was pictured getting rowdy and naked in Las Vegas. Cressida Bonas still stayed with the prince despite the Las Vegas scandal.

Many fans of the pair have accused the couple of pulling of a 'Kate and William cool off' where the two allegedly took a 'breather' from each other before they got married. Could marriage for Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas be in the works?

Acting like the singleton that she is, Cressida Bonas was pictured partying with Princess Eugenie, a close family friend. The 25-year old graduate of Leeds University donned an extremely body-hugging blue gown, which she topped off with her well-kept golden locks.

Is Cressida Bonas trying to make Prince Harry jealous by attending nightclubs in exquisite ensembles?

"Harry is the jealous type," another source close to the Prince revealed. "He will have seen the pictures of Cressida and how stunning she looked."

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