Prince Harry Still In Love with Ex Chelsy Davy, According to Close Friends [PHOTOS]


The charming royal may have been rumoured to be under pressure in marrying his current beau Cressida, but sources reveal that Prince Harry is still in love with his ex, Chelsy Davy.

According to the new unofficial biography of the prince, Harry: The People's Prince by Chris Hutchins, the 28-year-old royal is being pressured as of late by members of the royal family to settle down with Cressida, despite dating for only a few months. However, the prince's closest friends still think Chelsy is the one for him, and they wouldn't be surprised to see them reunite.

"Don't write Chelsy off," a source close to the prince said. "She was the love of his life for seven years, and it wouldn't surprise me if she didn't re-emerge at some point in the not-too-distant future. I think they love each other and eventually they will get back together. In fact--and she'll hate me for saying this--I believe they will marry once she is convinced, of course, that his wandering eye days are over."

The third in line to the British throne was reportedly hit hard when the two broke up in 2010 after the blonde South African--though she loved Harry--decided she didn't want to have a public life.

A friend of Harry claimed, "He doesn't know what to do, because she's the only one he's ever wanted to settle down with, and she's just not interested in being a professional princess."

His friend even added that he saw the prince crying one night in a club, and it was only Chelsy whom he wanted to be with, despite being surrounded with several beautiful girls.

However, despite their failed romance, the two have become good friends, with Harry even bringing Chelsy as his date in his brother's wedding.

Could the two get back together? Let's just wait and see. For now, let's relive Prince Harry's seven-year relationship with Chelsy in the slideshow.

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