Prince Harry Runs After an Ice Cream Truck in Afghanistan [VIDEO]


Prince Harry has been deprived of certain things, like ice cream, during his stay in Afghanistan to fulfill his soldier duties. That's why in the YouTube video currently trending, the Royal Prince can be seen running after the ice cream truck like a child after hearing its inviting music.

YouTube user "producertom85" posted the video that shows Prince Harry being interviewed in the Afghanistan base. In the video, the 28-year-old Prince suddenly stopped speaking after hearing the music then cut his interview short to run after the ice cream truck.

Whether there was a real ice cream truck around or just a soldier drill, Prince Harry has created online buzz once again. Comments started to pour in at the social news web site "Reddit" where some users posted negative reactions while others appear to be amused with Prince Harry's "chasing the ice cream truck" moment.

"I was sitting here thinking 'd'awwww that's adorable.' Then I started reading comments and realized I'm a retard," username NotTonightDear posted on Reddit.

Reddit user Minim4c commented: "Well it made sense in my mind. Afganistan = Hot. Icecream = Cold. The ice cream trucks must be really rare in Afghanistan so they gotta hurry up and get to them before they run out."

"I thought perhaps it was a 'hazing' sort of thing. Better not be the last guy in line at the ice cream truck or I have to pay for everyone!" That sort of thing," Nora19, another Reddit user, wrote down.

Take a look at the video link below of YouTube user producertom85's "Dramatic moment Prince Harry runs for an ice cream van during Afghanistan interview."

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