Prince Harry To Prince William: I Can Do What I Like

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Prince Harry
Britain's Prince Harry speaks at the WE Day UK event at Wembley Arena in London March 7, 2014. The inaugural WE Day UK event is run by the charity Free the Children to inspire young people to take action on global issues in a voluntary capacity. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

Prince Harry has long accepted the fact that he’s the “spare” to Prince William’s “heir.” According to his new biography, the younger British royalty learnt to take advantage of his position of being a second son from an early age.

Royal correspondent Marcia Moody wrote in the new book that little Harry always felt that his big brother was favoured because he was the future king. Instead of brooding over that fact, he took advantage of it.

“You’ll be king, I won’t; so I can do what I want!” a 6-year-old Harry cheerfully told William.

The biography, excerpts of which have been printed by The Mirror, reads: “William often received the lion’s share of attention from some senior members of the family and some of the staff.

“The Queen Mother used to put a seat next to her and call for William to sit on it, and he also used to go to Clarence House, without Harry, to see her.”

Without the burden of becoming a king someday, Harry has been afforded more freedom than William. He was described in the book as a naughty boy who loved getting up to mischief, much to the frustration of his nannies and teachers.

He abided by Olga Powell’s strict rules, though, and that was has kept him in line during his formative years.

“Olga Powell was without doubt the favourite nanny,” Inspector Ken Wharfe said in the book. He was William and Harry’s protection officer from 1986 to 1988 and then their mother Princess Diana’s until 1993.

“She was a no non-sense individual who had almost Edwardian codes of discipline that in today’s climate you probably wouldn’t get away with. I mean she would occasionally give them a smack.

“When he was a little older, I remember one of her classic phrases to Harry was ‘Harry I love you, but I don’t like you,’ because he was a nuisance. He was vibrant. But she was strong with him and I think children like that because they know where they stand.”

His boisterous personality took a dive when he was just 12 years old and was told by his dad Prince Charles that Diana had died in 1997. Although he decided to continue as normal after the funeral, he was noticeably quieter and less active at school.

Harry, 29, is said to have started royal marriage protocol after proposing to Cressida Bonas. Apparently, he wants what his brother has with his wife Kate Middleton and their son Prince George.

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