Prince Harry: His Top Hottest Looks in Military Uniform [SLIDESHOW]

The Royal Prince has Reportedly been Keen to Work with Australian Soldiers


Prince Harry is expected to set Australia by storm when the news of the Royal Prince being deployed and embedded to Australian soldiers for months. The Royalist is reporting that Prince Harry is reportedly keen on working alongside Australian soldiers.

No details of his deployment have been released by the Royals. Prince Harry’s spokespeople maintained that the “there is no such plans.” The Australian Defence department has already begun coordinating with the British army as well as the royal aids and security officials in assessing the security threats for the Royal Prince.

Australia remains to be a part of the Commonwealth, a group of former nations under the British Empire and has looked to the Queen as its head of State. The familiar territory is set to be the home of one of the hottest and most loved Royal Prince for six months.

The move could also be seen as the British army’s move to ensure that Prince Harry is also protected by the Australian army.

The Royalist said: “Behind the scenes, top-level talks between his residence Clarence House in London, the British Army and Australian officials are continuing about where and when the deployment would occur and whether the third in line to the throne would serve on the frontline. He could be formally embedded with an Australian army unit or make an extended visit as an observer.”

Schooled at the Timbertop campus of Geelong Grammar School, it was about ten years ago when the Prince visited Australia, during his gap year in 2003. Prince Harry is known by his comrades as Captain “Digger” Wales and was sent on missions at the southern part of Afghanistan, particularly at the Helmand Province. He has also been reported to visit the United States in the next few months. He made the headlines last year with a slew of nude pictures posted online, showing him playing billiards with girls, naked, at a Los Angeles suite.

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