Prince Harry Danced with a Go-Go Dancer Following Split from Cressida Bonas

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The third in line to the royal throne in England, Prince Harry, reportedly got really close and intimate with a go-go dancer following his split from longtime girlfriend Cressida Bonas, a report by The Sun claimed.

The redheaded royal, 29, was seen with his buddies in London's Chakana Club where he and his entourage arrived at 1 a.m. The prince then proceeded to dance with Paige Collins, 20, a resident dancer at the Chakana Club after the go-go dancer allegedly "caught" Prince Harry's eyes.

The Prince then invited the gorgeous brunette to down vodka shots with the royal, a source revealed to The Sun.

An observer further reveals that the Prince stayed for a good long of two hours dancing his night away with Collins.

The young go-go dancer also confirmed her royal encounter with the Prince via her Twitter account by saying:

"So not everyday you get to dance and have vodka shots with Prince Harry! He's the most down to earth man considering he's still a prince."

Prince Harry had hit the headlines just recently after reports came out announcing the split of the royal from his longtime girlfriend Cressida Bonas. Previously reported on IBTimes, the pair was seen together just recently as the duo tried to salvage whatever was left of their relationship.

"They have been in constant touch since they broke up and she has now met up with him...It's all very amicable and no one is ruling out that they will get back together, but Cressida hasn't made her mind up and the ball is really in her court," revealed a source to the Daily Mail.

According to reports, Cressida Bonas broke up with the royal lad due to the intrusive royal spotlight that came with associating with Prince Harry.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry is seemingly enjoying his newfound 'bachelor' freedom by frequenting London's night scene. The ginger royal has previously come under fire after leaked nude photos of the prince surfaced on the Internet. The nude photos of prince were said to be taken during a nightout in Las Vegas with his friends.

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