Prince Harry & Cressida Bonas Split: Estranged Couple to 'Have it out' in Post-Break-up Meeting

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After dating for almost two years, royal couple Prince Harry of Wales and Cressida Bonas called it quits last month that shocked a lot of followers of their royal romance. But after weeks of silence and cooling it off, the estranged couple is planning a post-break-up meeting to “have it all out.”

For the past few months now that couple had widely been reported that they were on the verge of getting engaged and split just came out of nowhere. Now sources close to the couple are saying that the two are willing to talk and the prince is keen to have Cressida pick the ideal place for them to sort things out.

"They are planning to meet within the week to have it all out. Cressida's father has told them they can use his Norfolk farmhouse, so they have complete privacy," says a source in an interview with British magazine Grazia.

According to reports, the pretty blond decided to end her relationship with the prince after she had a heart to heart talk with the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton allegedly “gave her the lowdown on the pressures of being a princess and advised her to take time out, like she did with Wills in 2007."

“Kate feels for Cressie. There's an awful lot of pressure when the whole nation is asking if asking if you're about to get engaged, “says a source in an interview with Now magazine. "She told Cressie how she benefited from taking time out when she was on a break from William. Kate said it might be best for them too."

According to reports, the sudden split of the couple started when Cressida “freaked out” about the overwhelming attention the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had to deal with while touring Australia and New Zealand in April.

There is no doubt that the couple is happy, but Cressie is an extremely private person and the public’s overwhelming attention is just too much for her. With so much pressure to appear “more royal,” Cressie decided to take a breather and we can all hope that the royal couple could figure things out in their post-break-up talk.

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