Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Spending ‘Every Night' Together in the Palace: Girlfriend Gets Security Clearance; Engagement to Happen Soon?

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Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas are getting closer than ever. After passing  through tumultuous times in their relationship, the couple is now spending most of their time together. According to the latest reports, Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas are now spending almost "every night" together in the imperial palace.

According to the latest reports, Cressida Bonas has become a frequent visitor to Kensington Palace. It seems, the 24 year-old socialite is now more than welcome to the royal home and can visit her boyfriend as she pleases.  

British magazine Grazia, revealed that in the last few weeks, Cressida Bonas "has been staying with Prince Harry pretty much every night." It seems she is freer than before in the royal home of her boyfriend.

Cressida Bonas has now been allowed "security clearance to come and go" in the palace "as she pleases," revealed a source to the British magazine as quoted by Belfast Telegraph UK. She has now been cleared of the routinely security checks that are necessary to highly secured vicinity of the palace. Reportedly, she can enter and go on her own accord without having Prince Harry by her side, each time she sought entry into the royal palace.

"She's now on first name terms with all the security guards," the insider told Grazia Magazine as quoted by Belfast Telegraph UK. Reportedly, she is now allowed to enter and exit through all the three entrances to the palace.

The report also confirms the claims about the difficult times in Prince Harry's and Cressida Bonas' relationship. Reportedly, the couple was going through problem in their relationship which was blown up by the claims of their engagement and questions on their relationship. Speculations created pressure on Cressida Bonas because of which she declined the invitation to the event at Sandringham.  

Meanwhile, reports about security clearance for Cressida Bonas at the royal palace have again led to the speculations regarding the couple's engagement. But the source revealed that allowing Cressida Bonas "free access" to the palace is a part of Prince Harry's plan who wishes to ease his long-time girlfriend into royal life. The source denies any speculations about her moving in with Prince Harry in Kensington Palace, but claims that she now "stays most nights" with him. Speaking of their engagement, nothing has been confirmed by the royal family or any insiders. 

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