Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Plan a Romantic Vacation Despite Prince Charles’ Disapproval of Their Relationship?

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Despite recent reports suggesting tumultuous time for Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas in their relationship, the couple seems to be adamant to stick together. Reportedly, they are planning a getaway to romantic locations like Iceland and Switzerland.

Amidst their split rumors, the reports about Cressida Bonas and Prince Harry romantic vacation have emerged. Reportedly, the couple is planning to head to Iceland on a skiing spree and then set off for the slopes in Verbier, Switzerland.

It is said that Prince Harry who is fourth in line as the heir to the throne of England, will be visiting Iceland with his girlfriend Cressida Bonas because he loved his visit to the country last summer. It is also speculated that their romantic vacation will shun down the break up rumors of the royal couple that they have been surrounded in, in recent times.  

For quite some time, various media outlets have been speculating their break up in the wake of rumors suggesting that Prince Charles does not approve of their relationship. According to the recent reports, Prince Charles father of Prince Harry and first heir to the throne of England after Queen Elizabeth II wants his son to dump his present girlfriend Cressida Bonas, for good. It is believed that Prince Charles thinks that she is not "royal material" who could fit into their family.

According to Showbizspy report, Prince Harry had a "meltdown" after his father has been pressuring him to break up with Cressida Bonas. Reportedly, he confessed to his father that "he loves Cressida." The report states that Prince Harry is "broken in two at being torn between his family and his lover," as quoted by Showbizspy.

According to more updates on Cressida Bonas and her family, her stepfather was found dead in what appeared to be a suicide, according to the reports. He was a retired financier named Christopher Shaw who reportedly was suffering from ill health and had money concerns. Several media outlets have speculated that such a tragedy maybe a cause of worry for Prince Charles.

It is said that Prince Charles has been "thrilled" with Prince William marrying Kate Middleton and then welcoming Prince George to the family. But Prince Charles "doesn't want Cress' family problems to cost them all good will."

Despite his father's disapproval, Prince Harry is seeing Cressida Bonas and is reportedly planning this vacation. Earlier, Fashion and Style reported that Cressida Bonas has given up on a lot of things that she loved for the sake of Prince Harry's royal family. She reportedly has given up her flourishing dance career and modeling offers. And she has now taken up a job in theatre marketing.



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