Prince Harry Considers Experimenting with Gay Men


What happened? Isn't Prince Harry supposed to be smitten with 24-year-old socialite Cressida Bonas?

The quip, "I'll consider going gay if it doesn't work out with Cressida," was made in jest by Prince Harry during a night-out in Notting Hill, West London.

The loved-up pair went clubbing with his cousin Princess Eugenie and her boyfriend Jack Brookbanks at The Rum Kitchen last week, and Prince Harry was reportedly approached by a charming clubber named Vicenzo Ianniello while out partying with his girlfriend.

Apparently, Ianniello slipped his number to the 28-year-old prince, and unlike his brother William who would have ignored the offer, the kind Prince Harry happily accepted the number and promised to call Ianniello if things didn't work out with his blonde lover.

The amorous clubber excitedly took the exchange to Twitter, saying, "I gave Prince Harry my number tonight, he promised he'll call me if he changes his mind about women. Or men. #epicwin."

Prince Harry, a known favorite among men and women, has been vocal about his support for the LGBT community, and this incident definitely proves that.

Meanwhile, things seemed to be getting steady with Harry and Cressida, following their unplanned trip to the Verbier Ski Resort in Switzerland in February, where the couple was even spotted "kissing like teens" at the resort's Pot Luck Club restaurant.

"We couldn't believe what we were seeing. They were not being discreet about it. The Duchess of York and Eugenie sat just a few feet away at the time and seemed to be deliberately looking the other way, making polite conversation while it was happening," one of the restaurant's diners said.

More than that, just last week, Prince Harry was reportedly asking sister-in-law Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, for advice on how to make his relationship last, clearly showing that things are getting serious between the two.

So do you think the third-in-line to the throne will get hitched this year?

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